Wholeness Awakening

...powered by Love, Insight... and Honouring

with Skye Jamieson


Wholeness Awakening

...powered by Love, Insight... and Honouring

Hi and welcome

I’m Skye, and these days I work when there’s a calling.

If I’m called to work with you – you’ll hear from me.

If you feel a strong calling to work with me – please contact me 🙂 

Wholeness Awakening is based on the superb, ground-breaking work of Connirae Andreas and her Wholeness Process, for which I’m eternally grateful. I have adapted and extended it… powered it up to a whole new level with my own Love and expanded awareness, as well and my own deep Insights into what’s clouding your Soul, all the while sweetly Honouring the core of the Star You truly Are.

Transformational Power of Love and the Field of Awareness

Returning to our own full field of awareness takes us back into the Love and natural expression of our true nature, revealing the Star that we Are.

Deep down, we do already know that we are a Shining Star, but we have contracted parts (‘issues’) that are like clouds obscuring the light that we are.

Wholeness Awakening has super-charged me in being able to move through life with ease and love by melting and dissolving those clouds that had so often separated me from the high-bliss states that I had so easily I achieved while being in nature or meditation.

It has led me back into being so fully aware of and truly living as my Shining Star, as I use this amazing Wholeness process with ease, effortlessly and gently (no reliving traumas!) into meeting those parts that had been obscuring… clouding the beauty truth and light of who I am for oh-so long!. 

I am very excited to introduce you to what I offer now. I am loving this work that I do, and it’s who I am – it’s my passion, joy and love and sustains me from the inside out..

The results with my clients are not only the beginning of the integration and gradual shifting of  whatever is causing a stress or anxiety, physical or emotional pain — sometimes even with instantaneous transformation – but more!, so much more: an expanded awareness, heart opening  and intimacy with life itself, which deepens and expands every time we do this amazing work together…

So, yes …. just drop me a note when you would like to begin to experience this for yourself.

About Me

...my whole life has been leading me to this point

Greetings, dear friend,
I’m Skye, and my highest love has always been for us each to realise our highest vision of ourselves.

I discovered this Wholeness Awakening process when I was at the lowest point of my life, suffering from severe depression, resulting from severe traumas and abuse, mostly as a child. Everything had appeared to be taken from me, my life was falling apart on all levels, including physical challenges and health issues. I had tried everything but nothing could get to the fundamental roots of what needed to transform within myself.

Then the miracle came: the Wholeness Process.

This offered me a way to safely and gently integrate the contracted parts of myself and finally… FINALLY!… heal my fractured self. And all in a way that was so in tune with my own unique intelligence and consciousness, without having to get into all those stories of past traumas and why I felt the ways I did.

And so this is how I now love to live, every day. I’m well known for my unusually happy smile and joyful strides as I walk around the glorious countryside here in Devon, often getting stopped and asked what my secret is! People often claim that I am a fairy or a wood nymph…
And now I absolutely adore and love helping others, helping you – not only to heal the contacted parts of yourself … but to really and truly come home to yourself… into be fully alive and present here now.

It’s my joy and gift to share these secrets with you in my Wholeness Awakening sessions, based on my own unique experiences over 20 years of my own success in finding happiness in myself and helping others.
Recently, while contemplating again what my ‘role’ here is… this voice came through to me:
“You are the one and only threshold to a unique magical and beautiful world that wants to be expressed through you… to come into existence through you.”
And this I knew was true for each and every one of us.
I have dedicated my life, my entire existence to this magic that is you and me.


Skye, you’re amazing, you’re amazing, you’re amazing…
“I am vibrating with ecstasy and bliss, as I open up to the recognition of whom I truly am. I am stunned!


Skye is no ordinary person – WOW, what an amazing skill she has! She is unique and has a unique gift that is difficult to describe as it is so phenomenal. I’d love you too to put your trust in this amazing being and also have this experience.


Skye, what can I say? When I came to you I had lost my centre and was lost in Darkness and TERRIBLY alone…. You reached in and parted the Darkness, and I realised the sun was STILL SHINING…. Then you opened my heart and out came dancing rainbow love…. ECSTASY! And this opened the door for me to step back into my life – SO EASILY!!


“One of my truly greatest blessings has been Skye!I don’t know how I would be getting through such a tumultuous, challenging time in my life without her being there for me. I live in the United States but feel so grateful to be able to communicate with Skye on an ongoing basis via Skype and email.She is the most vibrant, loving, gracious person I have ever known.Just the sound of her voice is healing!”
“Thank you Skye!! I feel very very good like never before. I think I’ m completely healed from my mind illness [many years of untreatable clinical depression] It’s a beautiful sensation! I think often to you and how you have literally taken my hand and you have made me go out from the deepest darkness to the wonderful Light I’m experiencing now. You have made a miracle. I will never thank you enough for what you have done to me.“


Many thanks for your payment, donation or contribution… so gratefully received ❤


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