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Spirit Talk Radio Welcome to our online Spirit Talk Radio chat show:

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Read on for how to join into live shows:


Sundays - Winter: 4pm UK time (11am EST)
   5pm UK time (12 noon EST)

What a great success!!!!! :) I really enjoyed the show,
thank you both so much, such love and generocity.
I very much look forward to your next show. Lots of Love. XXX

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Please join us during our LIVE talk-shows!!
(up to 15 mins before the start, and any time during it)

First, so we know who you are when you call in, please take a moment now to:
 Sign-Up for a free TalkShoe account 

To sign up click here (opens new Window)
Be sure to make a note of your:
  - Username & Password (for access by Internet )
  - and 10 digit PIN (for access by Telephone)
(NB: signing up is optional, but really helps us to recognise you when you join in!)
Also: if you are getting booted out of Talkshoe or lose connection read this page: click here

Now, You simply need to decide HOW you want to join in...

OPTION 1) Listen Only:

connect on your Computer for free:

- join the show to listen in only (and text chat see below for Text Chat instructions)
click here for Leela's Spirit Talk Radio page at

- OR install Skype (which does internet based 'phone' calls)
  and make a phone call out of Skype to a normal USA landline phone number
  - call quailty is reasonable, like a normal phone line
  (Skype call charges may apply but usually very cheap)
  Once installed See below for how to dial in and login to the show

call in by Phone to a normal USA number
(long distant/International call charges will apply)
  See below for more on this option 

OPTION 2) Listen and maybe Speak:

A) EITHER from your Computer
- you'll need an integrated Headset or Microphone and Headphones (preferably not speakers - they cause an echo if too loud!)
- You have three choices for connecting so you can SPEAK too: 
  i) X-Lite softphone - High Quality and Free
  ii) Talkshoe's own 'ShoePhone' Low Quality and Free
  iii) Skype (etc) calling a USA landline number (Medium Quality and small charge)

i) Recomended option:
  install and configure the free X-lite phone
IT'S FREE easy to use and call quality is PERFECT
  - >>>click here<<< for VIDEO tutorial to set X-Lite up
  - EXCEPT the first download section is now out of date:
  Download the older 3.0 version of X-Lite here instead and install it

  Note: It's best to have a Talkshoe account (free) and your Talkshoe 10 digit phone-in PIN,
  if not use 1# for Guest when asked for PIN number
  To sign up to Talkshoe click here (opens new Window)

 FYI: Configuration SUMMARY:
  Get the older 3.0
 version of X-Lite here 
  Reminder of key figues in SIP Account setup:
  - Domain: 
  (untick "Register with domain and receive incoming calls" and
  choose "Send Outbound via" with button "Domain")
  - STUN Server:
   - Under Options and then Devices be sure to untick both "Use autogain control (AGC)" options
  - And then add a Talkshoe softphone contact 123 or just dial 123 
(alternative written instructions can be found here)

ii) Or if you can't be bothered with all that, try the integrated'ShoePhone'at TalkShoe
  (quality is often poor, but it usually works - just - and it's also FREE!).
  Simply Click on TalkShoe Live to instal some software
  and then TalkShoe Live/ShoePhone button when you join the show in bottom Right Hand of the chat window.
  Click here
 for help on installing the TalkShoe Live software

iv) Or Use Skype  (which does cheap internet based 'phone' calls)
  and make a phone call out of Skype to a normal USA landline phone number
  - call quailty is reasonable, like a normal phone line
BUT you'll have to pay for the calls
  (Skype call charges may apply but usually very cheap - eg 1.25p/min from UK)
  Once installed See
 below  for how to dial in and login to the show

(NB) If you call in on a "MagicJack" and we get an echo you need to turn your speakers/mic volumes down to between a thrid and zero -  and click on the Echo line at this website  for instructions

B) OR by phone to a normal USA number (long distant/International call charges will apply)
- See below for more on this option

I so look forward to connecting up with you on our show


PS Do try installing X-Lite to call in FREE from your PC -  download X-Lite 3.0 here and click here for video tutorial)
PPS you can download/listen to previous recordings any time: Spirit Talk Radio 
PPPS if you are getting booted out of Talkshoe or lose connection, read this page:
 click here

"I've just listened to the show again. It was even better second time round.
I was able to focus more clearly on you both without being distracted by texting.
Leela's singing was beautiful and enchanting as always".

Calling in by Phone (or Skype)

You can Listen in (and speak too, if you choose! )
just by
 phoning this USA number from your phone, mobile, Skype, etc:
  Note: Skype needs a PC but is cheap (or even free)
  - for example - Calls from UK to USA are only 1.5p/min

Call  +1 724 444 7444 (+ is your international access code)
 from UK that's:  00 1 724 444 7444
  (* see note about BT Charges and cheap alternatives below)
 - from US that's:
  (724) 444-7444
 - from SKYPE Dial:   +1 724 444 7444

- when asked for call id: press:
  12324# for Leela's Spirit Talk Radio
  Note: from Skype use your Keypad to enter - you may have to repeat it if it's not recognised
- when asked for PIN: enter your
  own PIN followed by #
 (the one you chose when you signed up for TalkShoe, usually the last 10 digits of your phone number)
  Otherwise,  press #1  for non-member guest if you haven't signed up yet at (please DO!)

During the call:

  1. - Press *6 to mute/unmute yourself during the call 
  2. - Press *8 to request to talk during the call - we'll see that request on our screen! 
  3. - simply hang up when you're done 

"Great show Leela and John! I enjoyed the energy of the show and received very helpful insights.
Can't wait to join you again
." Francesca

* Note: when calling from outside USA be careful of call charges, eg in UK the BT standard charges are up to 17.5p / minute - a full hour would cost you OVER £10!  You may already have free or cheap calls to US, if not (from UK) you can call USA for only 0.5p/min (that's just 30p per hour plus 5p connection charge) from trustworthy places like - see Martin's Guide to cheap oversea's calls and his Call Checker for latest best USA prices (no upfront subscriptions are required for these services - just pay as you go!)
Again note: if you can get to a PC, Skype is very cheap (or even free), eg - Calls from UK to USA are only 1.5p/min

PS If you are also near a Computer you can follow the call on screen too, see the next panel...

Follow Call and Text Chat on your computer

- see who else is joining in
 read everyone's text chat messages
 type your own chat messages

WHEN OUR SHOW STARTS (and up to 15 mins before):

A)  click here to join in the show (call id 12324 or Spirit Talk Radio)

  If you see this panel we are LIVE!


  <-- Click this top "JOIN IN!" button for the
  basic listening/chat window (see C. below)

  OR, if you have already downloaded the TalkShoeLive software

  <-- Click thisTalkShoeLive Pro
button instead for enhanced listening/chat window (see D. below)

B) Sign in with your TalkShoe Username (2) when you see this Screen:
or join as an anonymoyus guest (1)  or Sign up!(3)
(NB If you are calling in by Phone too use THE SAME Username here)

NOTE: If you see THIS picture instead, click Dial In NOT ShoePhone!


C) This is the basic call chat screen is below.

You have now joined the call and should now already be able to hear us and read and type comments:
(NB VERY IMPORTANT If you are calling in by Phone/Skype/SJPhone too make sure the Audio is not streaming in this window too - or we will all get an ECHO! - If It's streaming Click the audio Pause lower right side!)


D) If you have downloaded the TalkShoeLive software (recommended, see below for installation guide)...

you will also have the option of clicking the purple TalkShoeLive button bottom right
for a more enhanced text chat window, OR you will already be here:

(NB Again, VERY IMPORTANT If you are calling in by Phone/SJ too make sure the Audio is not streaming in this window too - or we will all get an ECHO!)

If you're stuck, call John - he'll explain and help you (not during a call though!)


Option: Install TalkShoeLive software for an enhanced Chat/Listening window

Download TalkShoe Live  (click here) software
make sure you do BOTH steps (1)  and (2)  (click the Done button)!!

You're now ready - you can listen in on other shows too, if you like, to get the hang of it! Pick any live ones from the home page:

NB: If you get a Popup Blocked message in Internet Explorer - simply allow it by clicking OK on the top yellow bar (click to enlarge):

OR If you Firewall comes up with a message, just allow it, and choose to remember the decision if you can.

Don't forget we recommend you DON'T use the ShoePhone part of TalkShoeLive - use SJPhone Instead - click here for John's DETAILED instructions on installation and use (or Skype!)