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Spirit Dancing!


Advanced Spiritual Life Coaching with Skye
over the phone or Skype (or in-person here in Devon, England)



In Spirit Dancing we go for gold - to fully release your true, shining Spirit and to Dance freely in total joy and with your whole world.


We 'spirit dance' together through a series of regular sessions over a period of a month, for example.


Through Spirit Dancing together, we are co-creating a new, expanded and ideal world - the Dream World or our be-longing - leading us to fall in love with our Selves, our World and each other ... over and over again. 



Let's Spirit Dance - together
for a new Life, and new World of our Dreams!

with me by phone, Skype, or in-person here in Devon, England


Through my own Spirit Dancing, I’m now in such place of expanded joy, love and freedom of spirit that it feels like I am spinning in a sea of spangled delight: surfing on waves of sublime joy and dancing my spirit out into the bones of my world, in communion with nature and other beings like myself - wonderful like-hearted souls - and even with the elementals and other Star-beings - all in a galaxy of Love. 

Joyfully, I invite you to join me in some Spirit Dancing too - take up my offer of your first (free!) Spiritual Life Guidance session and you'll be delighted at how quickly and easily you'll be making your first steps towards embodying your own true, natural, free and ecstatic spirit, and to start expressing that uniqueness that is 'you' through whatever is your personal passion. As we continue to work together, you'll find it thrilling you to your bones, expanding you more and more, and ultimately spilling you over towards complete freedom, joy and happiness - actually, a state of being in eternal love!





What is 'Spirit Dancing'? Being true to you in our world ...


Spirit Dancing is embodying your true spirit though an ecstatic relationship with yourself and with your world - dancing your creative Self–expression into the fabric of your life: leading you to continuously fall in love with yourself, with others, your world and your life - and even into incorporating other-dimensional realms into your world here. As we uplift our Earth to a new frequency of Joy, Love and Light, together we are creating our Dream World of our be-longing.


So, Spirit Dancing is not just about living in bliss and love, it is also the dynamic expression of that love and bliss in your life - Love is ecstasy in motion.

As a Spirit Dancer you tune into and align yourself with your inner vision, feelings and creative impulses, and then express them out into the world through the art of your Being, in whatever form that is for you.


It is a way of expressing our inner world of beauty and light - loaded with riches - and extending this ecstatic dance in relationship to the whole of our life, and especially with those other people around us.

Because, as we Spirit Dance we not only touch ourselves, but as if by magic, we also touch those around us and so magic ourselves and all into the Dream world of our be-longing.



My own Spirit Dancing - getting in touch with my Fairy Self!


Spirit Dancing has come about for me by being resolutely and unequivocally true to me: the real Me that I think I had been in some denial of over the years (and by the way, I'm already in my 50s!)


When I got in touch with my familiar and real Self, I knew I had to call it my ‘Fairy Self’ (obviously, we’ll each have our own epithet!) and that I could ONLY live that way now. This has been, without doubt, the most radical shift in my life! (please do read more here)


In then Living out that truest vision of Me, I have been naturally and inexorably drawn to expressing it outwardly through the supreme joys of both the writing of my magical book - Lelania's Dream - a timeless fairy tale (nearing completion now) - and also by helping those that resonate with this spritely cord of light of Spirit Dancing together! (If you'd like to be notified when  Lelania's Dream is available, do sign up to my e-mail list - top right of this page.)


And by being true to my Fairy Self and Spirit Dancing it into my life, I do see and experience more and more that my world is changing into my Dream World - the World of my Be-longing - leading me to, indeed, fall in love with myself and everyone around me, and really, with my entire Universe - over and over again.



How to Spirit Dance in love, ecstasy & creative expression ...


To Spirit Dance, you simply need to get fully in touch with your Higher or ideal Self and live that version of you in love, beauty, truth freedom and - most ecstatically and elegantly - in self-expression.


As I say, I call it living life as my Fairy Self in my Fairy Land (again, read much more here); but you, of course, will find your own cue that chimes with your greatest vision of yourself and that evokes your natural, free, expanded, creative and unlimited beingness!


True Spirit Dancing is when you express and share that idealised, higher and spirited version of you through your passion and whatever creative or art form that evokes the greatest quake in your being … and draws out your hidden secrets and inner genius.


You are 'Spirit Dancing' whenever you completely lose yourself in your creation or passion. For example, when I was out walking in the woods the other day, loving and enjoying the presence of trees, I realised I was Spirit Dancing with them as I took their photographs. It’s like I was lose myself in my love with them; and in that moment they captivate me as I take their picture - we literally fall in love with each other - and so capture their spirit in the photo!




We learn, grow and lead more satisfying lives, if we have ways of outwardly expressing our inner world. Such expressions can be ways of helping ourselves better understand our feelings and experiences. Or, they can be a way of getting our pain and challenges out where we can look at them and let them begin to heal.


Spirit Dancing is a method of exploring our own truth, bringing it into light so that we can see it more clearly and experience ecstasy and our creative art; and so Spirit Dancing awakens us.


And it is not just about following and acting on your greatest self-expression and passion, but also bringing that fully embodied passion and joy into beautiful synthesis in relationship with others, especially those who want to dance with you too; and so it is a way of sharing and letting others see more of our true Selves too.

So, we become transformed by our very own creation and we become enriched when we share that expression of ourselves with another … it changes us both, and most of all, our entire world; which for me is about bringing Fairyland back to Earth, or creating heaven on Earth, or living in Shambala – just imagine a world of that quality, colour, verdancy, richness and Love, and that we're living in it!


Speaking of which ...



Spirit Dancing together with my unlimited support ...

If you would like some help with this – it would be my utmost joy and we will have an amazing, magical and fun time!


I have found that the most enjoyable, escalating and effective form of support is to give you my unlimited support for a mutually agreed period … a month seems to work well … with a view to extending it, or coming back later, if needed.


The process commences and is activated by a powerful meditation, channelling and attunement, assisted by the elementals and nature sprites and specifically tailored to you, as a powerful template for living your greatest, most authentic and integrated life, and for living in communion with Nature and all around you.


This works so effortlessly and joyfully and miraculously when we resonate really well with each other; then there is this magical ping pong effect happening between us; i.e. not only am I helping you and guiding you but I am changed to by our process as well. I too become enriched every time I share something with you: it's like we get higher and higher together, our dance together reaches ever new heights - surfing on the rising currents of our joy.


And so, we will enjoy the wonderful relationship we go into together - I may get know you more than even your close ones … and you will come to know me intimately too. There is this beautiful, pure relationship that grows and expands from a cauldron of our Love.


My fellow Spirit Dancers have confirmed that it is the power of my unconditional love and open-heartedness between us that evokes these amazing transformations.


And for those who resonate with the timbre of love, ecstatic freedom, joy and unbridled being, this Spirit Dancing really works - as Elaine says:
"It is impossible to over-emphasize the difference this has made to my life and how I view my world ... You have shown me how to experience a continuous state of joy - and helped me to understand how to change the thoughts that can stop me from doing so." (see her full testimonial to the right >> )



Spirit-Dancing with me 


If you, too, feel full of desire to go into the wild, wonderland of your idealistic, fairy, angelic and most fantastic Self, and to live that version of you, in relationship to your life and with other people - then I am here to help with my unlimited Support and Love.


I have brought 30 years’ experience as a Life Guide, Spiritual Teacher and Healer into one unique and stunningly delightful service for you (actually, for both of us!): a finer, more rarefied and simplified art, ultimately through the alchemy of my Heart, joy and unconditional Love – if you’re wishing to dance fully and freely with your spirit now!

 Skye - Spirit Dancing on our Cornish Cliffs

So, if all this sparks something within and you are wondering if maybe what I offer could resonate with you and excite you, then I invite you to explore further by booking an introductory Spirit Dancing session with me: simply call or e-mail me to agree a time (about an hour - see here). During our first session we will have a chat, dip into Spirit Dancing, and I'll explain how it all works, and we'll also be able to see how well we get on together ... this is so important before continuing.


Then, if it still feels great to journey on, we will fix the perfect time for you to start our Spirit Dancing, commencing with your personalised attunement, and then with as much follow-up support as you feel you need (via sessions on the phone or Skype and with e-mails) for, say, a month or two to get you well on your way towards living an amazing, enchanted and magical life.



The Price - is right for you ...


Don’t be bothered about the cost yet – it’s far more important to me that if we’re to work together that we resonate. So, once we have had our introductory session and decided to go ahead, we will simply settle on a price that fits within your integrity - enough to stretch you a little, perhaps, as a confirmation of our commitment to each other, and to help remind you that this is something you are affirming as your sacred promise to yourself, and that it has tremendous value to you, but also that it fits within your own comfort and means, and reflects a measure of your appreciation of my support.



Ready? - my invitation to you ...


So are you ready to make that promise to yourself and live the version of you that is truly your heart’s desire, making your greatest fantasies real … and most of all … that this is how you wish to feel and be in every moment … no matter what?


Then I'm here for you: I will stand by your side and champion you in your call to live the life of your greatest passion and be-longing … in our love and joy together.


Come dance with me, being true to our own nature and into our natural magic, and it will be all right … more than all right … pure joy!


Much Love,



PS - If the idea of Spirit Dancing and my website are stirring something in you, don't hold yourself back - do contact me to set a time for our first introductory session (check here for time and contact options)! I'm so looking forward to it ...

Skye - Let's Sirit Dance together !!


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Spirit Dancing Testimonial from Ryomi:

Spirit Dancing has allowed me to un-lock and un-block my creative energy.

This has been a truly breathtaking enchanted journey with Skye by my side into my very own wonderland of limitless possibilities.
The energy Skye has brought to our Spirit Dancing together didn’t at first appear tangible or measurable, but it's really there and powerful in its subtle and graceful lifting. It’s as if a fairy is sweeping by me, sprinkling fairy dust as she gently moves through my energy field. I feel this tingling within at the very core of my being: a reminder, a remembering, a knowing starts to show its colors. These are my own colors that have been deeply submerged and all I needed was a catalyst to unweave the tone of my authentic self. Skye has truly been the catalyst to releasing my magical self, the real Me.
On a more grounded level Spirit Dancing has assisted with the unravelling of my confusion and the knots in my field: realigning my energy to the path of my soul's choice. It's been like finding the yellow brick road in the maze of available side streets that life offers. I could never have imagined connecting with a kindred spirit who so truly understands who I am beneath all the bravado, one who truly sees my spirit beneath all my created masks, one who can tap right into the core of my being and gently guide me through a process to self-realization. But this is, indeed, exactly what I have received through Skye’s Spirit Dancing with me for just one month: freedom in its purest form!
By week three of the process I had already turned my home into a creative fortress, with boxes of fabric and glittery trinkets scattered all around me. Through our Spirit Dancing together, I have given myself full permission to unleash this huge creative force that I've been so conditioned to hide throughout my life. Oh, I've had many a creative burst over the years, but nothing sustaining, like this; flights of fancy moments would take hold of me and then I would allow the world of my conditioning back in. At the end of the second session, Skye had said: "Do something creative every day;" at first I was in resistance: how do I go to a job for eight hours and have energy to do anything else? But, between week two and three I had totally shifted: my focus was on what I was going to create and not the drudgery of going to work; somehow I found the time to create something – I was wanting to create, wanting to step into those energies, needing to step into that creative energy. I felt so energized as I watched myself evolve throughout this week; it was truly an amazing process.
One of the greatest tools that Skye shared was the "Magic Book". This book travels with me wherever I go - in the car, to work, at home. It's become my greatest resource for inspiration, capturing the creative insights that seem to float into my consciousness throughout the day; it’s a collection of spirit messages, a reflective pool of what I want, love and need to thrive in my universe. I’ve no more need for vision board, now I’ve created my very own Magic Book!
What I have found through this work with Skye is that Creativity is the key to my freedom, as well as the easiest pathway into the higher dimensions. In a state of heightened creativity, where I’m tapping into my highest passion and joy, it is in this place that I’m so connecting to my Source, and All That Is. And my dream world has exploded with vivid images, and messages waking me in the middle of the night from my Higher Self, who is now getting through to me loud and clear; and all I had to do was step into who I really am – which is what Skye has helped me finally do through her Spirit Dancing with me!
Give yourself the gift of Spirit Dancing with Skye and open your world to its highest potential!
With great love, admiration and the highest respect, thank you Skye for assisting me in connecting to my true spirit.



Spirit Dancing Testimonial from Elaine:

Dear Skye,

You have asked me to share a few thoughts about the incredible Spirit Dancing journey we have taken together over the last two months. This has truly been a fast-track to ever expanding joy and a deep understanding of my-self, the world and the universe!

I felt drawn to work/play in this way with you but without a clear idea of where I wanted to start. After chatting together you suggested we began each month with a personalized meditation/ attunement and then I had unlimited support from you for the rest of the time.

The meditations were the most powerful I have ever experienced and began a process of unfolding, journeying, understanding, joy and even more joy.

It is impossible to over-emphasize the difference this has made to my life and how I view my world.

What a wonderful process and all done with your usual gentleness, compassion, wisdom, patience and joyful magical touch. It has been wonderful to link in with you several times a week for telephone sessions or by email and I feel that is why this approach has been so successful for me.

You have shown me how to experience a continuous state of joy and helped me to understand how to change the thoughts that can stop me from doing so. I love also that your guidance is very practical and grounded; you have given me lots of hints and tips on practical things to do to connect me to my inner joy ... they really work, and very quickly too!

Life has become full of wondrous happenings…..I am often breathless with amazement at the things that are almost instantly manifesting. I never realized how effortless and enjoyable the whole of life can be.

I would also like to thank John for sending me recordings of all our sessions and meditations. It is wonderful to be able to listen to them and get even more benefit from our time together.

So thank you from the bottom of my heart for your guidance and support - to anyone who feels drawn to do the same with you ... well, you are in for the most amazing experience of your life!

All my love



Skye - Spirit Dancing

Testimonial from Helen:

Dear Skye,

I followed my intuition that day I contacted you, and you suggested spirit dancing for a month. I would like to express my deep deep gratitude for your work and recommend anyone who feels drawn to work with you this way to really go for it.

Having unlimited access to you for a whole month is just the biggest gift to myself. Every time we have a session, you show up with yourself 100% and more - there to serve, play and work with all of your heart and joy.

What makes spirit dancing really work for me is how you guide me with unconditional love. Every part of me feels included and welcomed back to who I am. I have not found many teachers/healers that can help me with such clarity as you Skye. Partly because you have done this work already yourself and is embodying it you feel so accustomed to every obstacle that I set for myself, and you are able to track energy and feelings from all the way from England and to Sweden where I live. You feel me energetically all the time and this is what is so rare because it feels so wonderful that you walk WITH me.

I can not with words express what you have given to me these weeks that would do this justice. Each time I work with you I come out as a new person feeling more connected to my true being. You are an amazing beautiful being that have so much to offer the world. A real gem, a treasure. So so generous with your heart! I am blessed indeed.

Skye LoveLight
flowing on a white cloud
picking flower buds with her right hand
spreading them out to the world with her left hand
she melts with the wind
surfs on waves
and dances in joy
to aliven our Spirit

- Helen, 22 May 2012, Austria


Skye - Spirit Dancing

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 "One of my truly greatest blessings has been Leela!

I don't know how I would be getting through such a tumultuous, challenging time in my life without her being there for me. I live in the United States but feel so grateful to be able to communicate with Leela on an ongoing basis via Skype and email.

She is the most vibrant, loving, gracious person I have ever known.

Just the sound of her voice is healing!

Her amazing insights and guidance are always just what I need to make a breakthrough in whatever situation I find myself in. She is a gift to anyone who is lucky enough to receive her emotional and spiritual support.

My sessions, interactions and chats with Leela always leave me refreshed, aware, hopeful, and equipped to effectively handle the issues that come up. She has made a major difference in my life and will always be a continuing source of truly spirited guidance for me.

What an angel!"
Francesca, USA