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Skye Siren Songs of the Soul"Siren Songs of the Soul"
My first CD

"I'm buzzing from head to toe! Oh Skye, you've outdone yourself! I'm blown away, I'm Peter Pan! They're meditations, not songs" Colleen

Hello dear friend,

My songs are totally inspired by the love, beauty and light. I feel inside me and All around me...
Sometimes I feel it is too much to keep to myself
and I desire for you to feel, dance and revel and enjoy
the Love that overflows from me to you and in between us...

I dedicate these 12 Siren Songs of the Soul to you, my Love,


Listen to the first Song - Snowflakes of Love - FREE now!

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"Your snowflake song sounded like a crystalline fairy singing us a song that melted in our spirit, clear and beautiful. Looking forward to hearing the rest. Love Georgi"

See below for info on the 12 Siren Songs..

"There is a hush in the air as I am enveloped in a soft blanket, a lullaby. I am a baby, I am safe. My breathing slows, my heart softens" Margarita on "Snowflakes of Love"   

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"I feel they are connections straight to love beyond the Earth, beyond what we know "here".
Shots of undiluted love. Amazing!!!"

Summary of the songs
Not so much an Album of Songs as a set of 12 individual Soul immersions!

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Collen says: "CAUTION:  DO NOT DRIVE OR OPERATE MACHINERY when drinking in this divine energy. Expect to pop in and out of other wordly realms. I probably should have read the descriptions before diving into the cd and perhaps I would have known to take it just a little slower........there are so many pieces of all of us in the music."

1. Snowflakes of Love
Inspired by an unusual freak snow storm here in Cornwall, feeling of wanting to wrap myself in the cosy comfort of the softness of our Love, enjoy...

2. I am the Wind
I felt my body in the wind, I felt my soul spirit in the wind calling me - I became the wind
A song that invokes our freedom like the wind.
"Oh! Strong connection straight to the heart, lifting me, expanding me, carrying me aloft.  My body sways softly. It's pure healing. My heart expands and soars, explodes open encompassing chest and head.
Outside beckons. I hear the call of the wind through the window as I write these words, a strong soft breeze singing through the leaves of the trees. Then I listened again that night, in bed, and my face was washed in tears. That evening, after a very calm, hot day, the wind began to howl for a while!"

3. I am falling into my Heart
Sweet ambrosia for our soul. I felt so full to overflowing with happiness, blessings and pure joy.
Allow yourself to tap into the honey nectar of our Love.

4. I am finding myself again
A song inspired by my own letting go of limitations and restraints and stepping into the true me; I hold out my hand to you to join me.

5. I am pure Spirit
Allow peace and purity and love to permeate your Being and use that as a template for living your every magical moment.

6. I am spinning a little Soul Music
Whenever I feel blue I stir and spin myself a little soul music, to elevate me.
Ascend, ascend with Me.
"Lovely! I felt my heart opening up. On the third listening I could feel soft, liberating, cleansing tears sliding down my cheeks"  Margarita

7. I feel your Love
This was channelled by a desire to reconnect with my greatest ideal of Love that I could imagine and a deepening of Love with my Beloved: a desire to experience Pure Love.

8. Sweet Child of Divine I am
Awakening and immersing in our divine child and allowing our truth and our true Love to reveal itself to us.
"Who I was listening to, and what part of me was listening. It's as if I don't know where the voice is coming from, for it's not just you (the physical being) singing it. Am I hearing it from my heart, through my heart? Is it coming out of me somehow? Who is speaking to me? When you sing 'I', who is this 'I'? - Glorious" Margarita

9: Into the Blue Light
Connecting with Sirian energy, water sprites and the wave motion of our ocean.
"My absolute favorite... I think my crown chakra exploded 12 feet
 in the air, I had my very own thrid eye light show in sync with the tones..." Collen

10. I am a Pure Being
Inspired by my dance with the air elementals, sylphs and divine devas.
Come and sky-dance with me.

11. I am a Thunder Being
A song of empowerment; enjoy the rising of your energy, revving up your magnitude.
Deeply Energising.

12. I am falling Into my Dream
 Preparing and stepping into our Dream life, making our dream real.

"Oh and the honor given to all the elementals, lilting tones and the high notes that had me on the edge of my seat, I had to remind myself to breathe! Wow.........I'm swirling, twirling and my heart is just so full!  Skye this is such a gift today!" Colleen

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 Thank you for your 
it's SO much appreciated!  


 "One of my truly greatest blessings has been Leela!

I don't know how I would be getting through such a tumultuous, challenging time in my life without her being there for me. I live in the United States but feel so grateful to be able to communicate with Leela on an ongoing basis via Skype and email.

She is the most vibrant, loving, gracious person I have ever known.

Just the sound of her voice is healing!

Her amazing insights and guidance are always just what I need to make a breakthrough in whatever situation I find myself in. She is a gift to anyone who is lucky enough to receive her emotional and spiritual support.

My sessions, interactions and chats with Leela always leave me refreshed, aware, hopeful, and equipped to effectively handle the issues that come up. She has made a major difference in my life and will always be a continuing source of truly spirited guidance for me.

What an angel!"
Francesca, USA