Reiki Healing and Life Guidance with Skye in Totnes

Discover the Joys of Reiki Healing
here in Devon (or worldwide)

It's my joy and gift to offer you Reiki healing to assist you in your path of healing and opening up to more of yourself.

Healing Hands ReikiDrawing on the natural healing energies that exist all around us and in us, Reiki is given through my hands on or just above your body as you lie down (or sit), fully clothed, for up to an hour.  You’ll enjoy the warm, healing energies flowing through my hands to various areas of your body, where it naturally finds its way to where it’s most needed.

Remarkably, it is also just as effective given 'at a distance'! Clients from all around the world report incredible healing, even when I 'send' healing energy to them 'remotely'.

Reiki naturally helps almost any ailment

Reiki can be used to alleviate or heal almost any ailment, condition or dis-ease you may have in your life, such as:

  • back pain, migraine, general aches and pains
  • ME and chronic fatigue
  • hormonal and menstrual problems
  • arthritis and circulations problems
  •  injuries (new and old)
  • stress, emotional and self-esteem issues
  • addictions and drug abuse
  • eating disorders (anorexia and bulimia)
  • even cancer, aids and heart conditions
  • or simply feeling unloved, for example!

I have even had great success with long-term infertility problems, sometimes with instant results (pregnancy!)

Reiki simply feels good!

Even if you've never had Reiki before, you'll be glad you booked a session with me and experienced its calming and profound effects first hand (in-person or remotely).

As well as healing your specifics, you will feel

absolutely wonderful!

Book a session -

Contact me to book your session and see Payments page for price and payment options.

I so look forward with all my heart to connecting with you.

May the Love be with you,


"Your light literally lit up the room! My healing with you was really special, personal and powerful!"


Reiki quickly goes to the root cause!Enegry Chakras

Reiki is quiet remarkable; it can sometimes heal almost  instantly, depending on the underlying root cause of your dis-ease. It actually will work at many levels, so if needed for the deepest healing of your being, it will even help you connect with your 'higher-self' and open you up to let through more of your own true nature and potential.

So, Reiki goes very deep, not only healing obvious ailments in our lives, but also is a profound catalyst for a new way of living and being which is more aligned with your essential nature.

It is a 'high-vibrational' healing energy which simply floods through and helps heal and create deep inner openings, new expanded physic awareness, blossoming of intuition and, most of all, a new, deep love for all.

 It automatically amplifies your creative self-expression in a way that is aligned with your highest joy, taking you to new, expanded levels in your life.

How Reiki came to me in Light and Love

Skye's magical healing beech tree where she was introduced to ReikiMy own introduction to Reiki was through a spontaneous healing of a severely arthritic hip that had been causing me debilitating pain and I was unable to do my favourite pastime: walking. One day, in my desperation and constant pain, seeking help and answers, felt inspired to go and sit under a beautiful beech tree and ask; If there is anyone there, please, please help me.

I never expected an answer and was totally blown away when I heard these exact words, Everyone can heal themselves, you can heal yourself.

At the same time I was overwhelmed by a river of love, light and a wonderful pulsating energy flowing through me. I touched my hip and, miraculously, all the pain immediately dissipated, never to return to this day (I walk many miles every day pain-free!)  But even more, I came to realise my life-purpose, which was to be a healer and to bring joy to myself and others, and how my hip pain had actually been part of my journey to get me in touch with my own gift.

This healing energy, soon synchronistically presented itself to me in the form of Usui Reiki as a very effective and powerful healing tool and means of sharing my joy, my love with others and helping them open up to the love of themselves and the healing of themselves too.


Healing on Tap
Skye: Inspirational and Spiritual Life-Guide- Distance Healing sent heart-to-heart!

I can send you daily, weekly or monthly infusions of love, light and powerful healing energies that have a profound nurturing and therapeutic effect and that you can receive whenever you want, 'on tap' through 'distance healing '

How can I do this? When I 'tune-in', either for my Life Guidance or for remote healing, I am able to imagine you right in front of me, as if you're really there. As I move my hands over this image in my mind through your being, I pick up very clear images, feelings and insights into your nature, as well as being able to direct energy, love and light into various aspects of you. I need very little information about you to do this, just your name. I simply imagine that you are right there in front of me, knowing that there's no separation between us, and perform the healing (or attunement) right there on the 'imagined' you, by connecting and resonating with you through Love and identification with you!

Many people report that this can be just as powerful as in-person!

"My husband, Peter, has been on a type of chemotherapy  for the last 6 months for a virus in his Blood and Liver. I would love for you to shower him with your distant healing... he needs it!"
Two days later:
"Wow! Peter has been so much MORE HAPPIER, playful in spirit - mind and emotions...
The healing is AMAZING... it is really making a big difference.
Thank you so much!- Love, Pamela"

(also ongoing distance healing can be arranged from only £10 per week.)


Making Contact

If any of this stirs you, please do contact me, preferably call me, for a little chat about what interests you and what we may do together, or to book a Reiki Healing Session or Reiki Course (Reiki Attunement)

All my love,



 Thank you for your 
it's SO much appreciated!  


 "One of my truly greatest blessings has been Leela!

I don't know how I would be getting through such a tumultuous, challenging time in my life without her being there for me. I live in the United States but feel so grateful to be able to communicate with Leela on an ongoing basis via Skype and email.

She is the most vibrant, loving, gracious person I have ever known.

Just the sound of her voice is healing!

Her amazing insights and guidance are always just what I need to make a breakthrough in whatever situation I find myself in. She is a gift to anyone who is lucky enough to receive her emotional and spiritual support.

My sessions, interactions and chats with Leela always leave me refreshed, aware, hopeful, and equipped to effectively handle the issues that come up. She has made a major difference in my life and will always be a continuing source of truly spirited guidance for me.

What an angel!"
Francesca, USA