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One-to-One Living in Light testimonials:

Five reports for Living In Light One-to-Ones
(also see Reports from May, June, October and June Living in Light):

  1. Stanka
  2. Charles
  3. Johannes
  4. Elaine
  5. Adel

(note: every course is personalised to YOU and what is appropriate and comfortable!) 

1) One-To-One Living in Light with Stanka

Skye and Stanka

1 of 4 - Living In Light on the Beach - fun and frolics with us all (20 mins): 

2 of 4 - How to prepare PIZZA with passion and eat with ecstasy! (22 mins): 

3 of 4 - a few excerpts from the course itself (12 mins):

4 of 4 - most heartfelt sharing ever of Stanka sharing her experiences with us (very moving) (24 mins):  

And some pics of it all too:

2) One-To-One Living in Light with Charles

John, Skye and Charles on our beach

Living In Light with Charles
(left to right: John, Skye, Charles) 

Wow, the Living in Light with Skye and John was AWESOME !

How amazing to finally physically be with Skye and John in person. It was 5 days of dejavu the whole time for me. Everything, and I really mean everything, was dejavu for me. Even now after a month since I left I'm still floating in cloud 9. I'm still digesting it all, along with so incredibly much leading up to it and afterwards. It's my never ending (infinite) adventure. I even decided to take the slow train back from the UK through France, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria and Switzerland to Italy, stopping off some in each country some.

I would certainly have to say that Living in Light was like Spirit Talk on steroids and/or on overdrive. It's really difficult to put into words, even for me (LOL). It was so surreal and dream like. In one sense it seemed like I was there for months, almost years; and in another sense it flew by like lightning. The dejavu sensation was of the strongest I have ever had and blended with such vivid and extremely detailed dreams while there. Getting there a day or 2 early helped to prepare some and to acclimate to their special paradise cove.  

In one aspect, there was so much deep stuff going on and working through for me it was a bit overwhelming. In another aspect at the same time it was a time of some of the greatest inner peace I have felt in a good while, maybe ever. I am reminded of one of those special phrases I always loved from the bible of a "peace that surpasses all understanding".




3) One-To-One Living in Light with Johannes

Living In Light with Johannes
(left to right: Daniel (Skye's son), Skye, John, Johannes) 

Dear Skye,

First of all, this time it has been difficult to find the words
that would describe fully what happened during and shortly after
being in that space with you and John.

As I've said, the radio show and meditations are absolutely awesome,
but having you and hearing you [physically, not via internet] in
the full spectrum of your voice and being, really DO make a huge
difference energetically.

We really pushed many buttons this time around, many things opened up
and lot of old programming got hacked into releasing its power over "me".

Our walk on our path we do alone, but the wonderful experience of
finding beacons of light showing that we are on the right path,
gives a joy that cannot be described in words.

Experiencing the wonderful meditations and what it does to my energetic
and physical body, has given me confidence to dare stepping into
a higher vibrational state of being.

Just like a hot air balloon, letting go of what drags me down, has given
the experience of seeing reality from a higher perspective.....

But.... :)

The most wonderful experience in all of this, is seeing this energy rub

off on Julie, [Johannes's partner] seeing that she too opens up,
seeing that she too started to shine more brightly, feeling energy more clearly...
a beautiful connection soul to soul.

So many wonderful things started happening since I stepped into the light,
the shoe does fit and realizing who I AM, being in integrity, living in light,
experiencing the unconditional love of this great universe....

What more can a seeking soul ask for?

Nothing comes to mind other than the joy of seeing another realize who
they truly are...

With great love and bright light



4) One to One Living in Light with Elaine


Living In Light with Elaine

"Skye and John,

"Thank you once again for a most amazing and life-changing experience. This was the third time attending the course and my high expectations were completely exceeded! I felt a very strong pull in October to travel down to Cornwall and work with you again….I think my soul was telling me the time was right to make a huge leap. I chose to experience the course this time on a one-to-one basis and travelled down to Cornwall listening to the weather forecast which was, frankly, dire. However, we created such magic that the sun burst through and shone every day, reflecting the amazing inner transformation I was going through.

"You both create the perfect space to discover the truth about life, me and everything! I always feel totally safe, loved and supported; I trust you both completely to guide me on the next part of my journey. I really feel that you offer a profound and unique experience that I can’t find anywhere else. To anyone reading this who feels drawn to go on a Living In Light course, I would say don’t hesitate for a second…you will never regret it.

"I am continuing to integrate everything that happened on the course….amazing things are happening and I know it is because I am ready for them now. So thank you, thank you, my words can never explain the sheer joy of working with you. Your voice sings to me every day Skye, I hear it as I go for my walks or do my work. It reminds me of who I truly am and what greater gift can you give to someone else?

"Elaine xxx

"PS I hope that’s ok. As usual it is impossible to really put the experience in words! I am completely stunned by the things that are happening to me and how quickly! What will Living In Light Number four be like?????

"Lots of love
"Elainexxx "


5) One to One Living in Light with Adel

Dear Skye - Thank you again for a wonderful experience this summer. I just love your meditations and singing - such a frequency of joy!!

"Skye carries such an amazing high-vibrational energy and doing work or spending time with her acts like sitting with a highly energetic tuning fork. It’s like it reminds my body and cells how to vibrate at a higher level of light, love and joy; and this is allowing me to carry more light into my life and choose to live with more love and joy. I loved our morning meditations and really enjoyed walking on the beautiful Cornish coastal path in the afternoons to integrate the energy shifts which were very powerful

"I can honestly say, that of all the many, courses and spiritual teachers/leaders I’ve met,  that what Skye offers, shares and exudes is a living, breathing embodiment of someone really living in her truth and the love that we all yearn for, is totally unique: I really I have never come across anything as powerful or like this before!

"I really recommend all her work; and especially (if you feel ready for it) this incredible Living In Light long weekend of light and love filled immersion.

"The effects are clearly ongoing and long-term; I am still integrating the energy and download of inspiration and ideas from the course. "



 Thank you for your 
it's SO much appreciated!  


 "One of my truly greatest blessings has been Leela!

I don't know how I would be getting through such a tumultuous, challenging time in my life without her being there for me. I live in the United States but feel so grateful to be able to communicate with Leela on an ongoing basis via Skype and email.

She is the most vibrant, loving, gracious person I have ever known.

Just the sound of her voice is healing!

Her amazing insights and guidance are always just what I need to make a breakthrough in whatever situation I find myself in. She is a gift to anyone who is lucky enough to receive her emotional and spiritual support.

My sessions, interactions and chats with Leela always leave me refreshed, aware, hopeful, and equipped to effectively handle the issues that come up. She has made a major difference in my life and will always be a continuing source of truly spirited guidance for me.

What an angel!"
Francesca, USA