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Feedback from October Living In Light course 

 Living In Light October 2009 Group

"Coming again to Living In Light all the way from Mexico City was
the second best decision of my life!"


Hello dear friend,

Each Living In Light course is truly amazing and transformative in its own unique way. And yet again, this one was even more potent, surpassing all our expectations!

And I am in such awe and joy to witness all the incredible changes that I felt and saw happening to everyone on our course and indeed the effects are still unfolding.

Oh, and yet again, we were blesssed with the most perfect weather, bathing us in warm, golden Cornish October Light!

See below for what our joyful  participants have said.

First some Photos and then scroll down for feedback from our friends:

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 from Johannes
(who came for 1-to-1 Living In Light in September!)

Hi Skye, my wonderful friend,

When I wrote the last message, it was from the bottom of what I have been trying to achieve, but did not allow myself to experience... metaphorically at the end of a long dark journey, where the last black coat had to come off before allowing myself and soul to experience unconditional love.

I have always been on this path, but somewhere I lost faith in the good in humans, seeing mostly their hidden agendas and moved accordingly and shut down my receiver, because it was not their greed, need or agendas I wanted to listen to... boring radio-show that is, not my colours, not the experience I wanted to have...

Being with you and John, was a beautiful experience.. So much love, acceptance and trust. Actually all what I really needed to experience, to regain faith and to turn back on the light for others to see.

Being in your sphere felt like a long forgotten safe haven and leaving it was really hard. Yet I knew I had gotten the missing piece to my puzzle and knew the only place for me to really experience the full force of it was out "there"... knowing this piece would somehow turn my world upside down, the ego was struggling big time knowing it had to be done as an unavoidable step on the path my higher self set out to experience.

Armed only with the words "I allow my self ...", shielded only by the faith in the light, I took the step forward open to whatever would happen...

I have always known what I wanted, but did for some reason not allow myself to have... this time I allowed myself to receive and the Universe responded within seconds...

First a huge wave of love from someone who inspired me onto this path, who is as moved by my words as I am by hers... allowing it all in, allowing it to pass and follow its own nature; and also allowing it to flow on to another in need of feeling love and support..

Seconds later, my ex-wife came... just wanted to tell me how much she really loves me and how much she appreciates all I have given to her life.

Later that evening I talked to this interesting woman who was curious about "this guy who acts and behaves differently than the other guys", so out of nothingness an invitation to midnight coffee came... Open to what the Universe had in mind, no condition no agenda, just full of curiosity we met.. and at the first silent moment the magic showed its beautiful face and we allowed ourselves to fall into each others eyes...

She found what she had longed for, and so did I... All the pieces just seemed to fit and all I have ever asked for (silently) in a woman was standing right in front of me, asking me if I wanted to be with her in every aspect of being together.... Even the pieces related to her two kids seems to fit perfectly as by some magical touch.

This time the relationship feels different than previous ones, all is in a new bright light.. taking that one step changed my perspective, all is different, more clear and absolutely WOW..

what you do is so wonderful and truly magical, and I allow myself to be moved and inspired by your joy, openness and your graceful loving being.

And I really look forward to be moved even further next time open to what ever that moment will show...

Love and Light

Johannes <3 <3 <3

from Equador : 

Living In Light has been one of the most intensively liberating experiences of my life!

Issues that I've been trying to overcome for years have been released and worked out almost effortlessly in the supportive group.

The informal family feel of the course helped me open my heart up, listen, contribute and learn. I felt comfortable to tune into and share the deepest and darkest areas of my psyche and as a group we worked out fantastic ways of clearing and dealing with what I found.

In the afternoons, there were so many ways to digest what I had learnt. My favourites were: surfing at the beach 5 mins walk down the road, followed by a lovely hot shower, walking up the cliffs and exploring the natural treasures. 

I will definitely be coming back again!

Equador Zaha

from John:

Living In Light AGAIN took me by surprise and swept me off my feeet into a new level of self-awareness and inner discovery.

Skye's meditation attunements each day somehow work like magic - they are utterly transporting and, together with the tremendous love and support from EVERYONE in our lovely little group, I'm left with renewed insight, enthusiasm and vigour again for simply living my life .. to the max... and in the Light!


   from Margarita:

Coming to Living in Light for the second time was THE BEST decision of my life! (The first time being THE BEST decision THEN…!)

Can things get any better, I ask myself?

I'm awed by how easily you make it all happen, Skye, how everything falls Into place (like the sun shining every day in October… like everyone there wanting to work on similar issues simultaneously… like the course reflecting exactly what I went to Cornwall in search of…) as if orchestrated from on high.

But then "on high" I realize, thanks to Living in Light, is another way of saying "inside me".

What a revelation!

I couldn't have come to this realization without LIL, without you, Skye, and your magic, and John and his magic.

Seemingly effortlessly, you created this wondrous sacred space in which I was finally able to face my biggest demons and transmute them into my Fire Dragon energy. I am a new woman today, with a whole new lease on life, and I'm so excited about what lies ahead for me!! (Yes, OK, baby steps... I hear you!) I feel I'm still on holiday on some level, on holiday from my problems, from my previous life.
The mix of people at the course was the perfect combination, creating a cosy cauldron for brewing up a batch of new, sensitive, earnest beings who bravely dipped deep into their greatest fears and came out the other end whole, healed, strong and vibrant.

What an honour to be one of them.

I want to thank you for everything you've shared with me, everything you've taught me, for holding me in unconditional love, for encouraging me wholeheartedly and enthusiastically despite my ranting and raging and my self-deprecating and my stubbornness.

It is so incredibly empowering to be surrounded by limitless encouragement and acceptance! Nothing is out of bounds, nothing too threatening, nothing too small, too trite, too insignificant to throw into the dough.

You and John have created a little piece of heaven on earth, and I, for one, am joyous and humbled to have been able to be a part of it all… again!

All my love and gratitude to you both.

Margarita xxx



  from Luna:


This Living In Light was such a different experience to the one in June and I'm finding it more difficult to put words to it...

In a way it was less dramatic for me and yet deeper, more profound and more real.

I found a more grounded connection with my true authentic self and a strong and painful sense of the part of me that has done such a sterling job of controlling my self-expression and freedom and keeping me small, unfulfilled and unworthy.

There was a very definite feeling of 'enough is enough with this tired old game!' and even though I'm still integrating that part of me that has held my power against myself for so long, I feel like the decision has been made and something new is on its way!

Thank you so much Skye for your unending support and for helping me into that place where I could finally believe and be the me I could see and sometimes feel but not quite Beeeee!!!

Thank you for sharing your extraordinary and beautiful gifts with me...

John - I feel like I know you better for having witnessed your struggle to be and express all that you truly are, and I love you all the more for it. May you find your true expression and shine like the multi-faceted diamond that you are! and thank you too for your openness and especially your warm-hearted hugs :-)

And finally a heart-felt thank you to Equador, Elaine and Margarita for sharing this time with me, for being the amazing and unique Light-Beings that you are, and for being such wonderful mirrors and catalysts for me...

Living in Light really is the most Enlightening course I've ever been on and I will definitely be back for more :-) :-) :-)

May we each find the courage to live this life in full colour, to dive into it, to free-fall and fly and be Free!!! .

Luna xxx

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 "One of my truly greatest blessings has been Leela!

I don't know how I would be getting through such a tumultuous, challenging time in my life without her being there for me. I live in the United States but feel so grateful to be able to communicate with Leela on an ongoing basis via Skype and email.

She is the most vibrant, loving, gracious person I have ever known.

Just the sound of her voice is healing!

Her amazing insights and guidance are always just what I need to make a breakthrough in whatever situation I find myself in. She is a gift to anyone who is lucky enough to receive her emotional and spiritual support.

My sessions, interactions and chats with Leela always leave me refreshed, aware, hopeful, and equipped to effectively handle the issues that come up. She has made a major difference in my life and will always be a continuing source of truly spirited guidance for me.

What an angel!"
Francesca, USA