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Feedback from May Living In Light course

Hello dear friend,

My, what a wonderful Living In Light course we had - far exceeding our expectations! I am so deeply moved, touched and transformed by the sheer joy of witnessing the beauty, love and light of those who came to our Living in Light Course and awakened to their hearts' thunder, and so became more of themselves.

I just thought how lovely it would be to convey some of its essence by sharing with you my own written account about what happened (and is still happening), a few of John's fabulous photos and some wonderful words from our participants, to give you a glimpse of our ecstatic splendour, as we tasted our elixir of Awakening and Light.

Enjoy, and if this stirs something in you then maybe it's your soul's call to remember and come home to yourself, and maybe even come to our Living in Light yourself!

PS while you are looking at the photos, you might like to listen to the inspiring conversation I had with Elaine about how thing's have been since Living In Light, Click the first blue Play button (3 mins):

First some Photos and then scroll down for feedback from me and our friends:
Stop Press 30th May - three weeks on and some more updates at the bottom of this page!

for more of John's delicious photos, see   

My Account of Living In Light 

I'm totally stunned; our Living In Light Course was, far and away, the most profound, most energetic and heart opening, en-Light-ing event or course I've ever organised or been part of. And what is even more astonishing is the fact that the effects AFTER the course appear to be cumulative and getting more powerful!

Before the Course even started

It was amazing how as soon as we each decided to take this awesome step into our light by signing up for the Living In Light Course, the decision in itself set in motion a series of extra-ordinary happenings, well before the actual commencement of the course itself! We were all clearly being prepared for Living In Light, from where we were, to stretching ourselves up to the next level!

I myself had the sensation of breaking out of my mind. I began to feel vivid realisations of how I have used restrictions in my mind (through taking on established belief systems in our current world) to keep me limited. For example, I had a tremendous, cutting pain in my head, particularly the back of my skull at the base where it joins with the spine. The pain was so intensely and blatantly mirroring to me a deeper level of my own restriction, which is, of course, incompatible with Living In Light. It was that I just had to let go of holding myself and my reality experience so tightly in control. As soon as I did let go of this control and allowed myself to feel free and self-empowered, the intense pain in my head instantly disappeared (and the issue of control actually became quite an important theme for some on the course!)

Elaine shared how she was also experiencing huge energetic shifts and disturbances too in the lead up to her Living In Light, feeling that she wanted to break out of her skin into a more lightness of being and unrestriction in herself.

As for Martin, awesome changes and energetic surges seemed to be the order of the day. They were cajoling him into the seeing with beautiful clarity that his most pertinent challenge in his life was his holding himself back from experiencing unconditional love and ecstasy of beingness. These issues, which are common to most of us in various forms (Love, Relationship and Power), were all appearing the moment he decided to enrol.

These were all vital signs that we were ready for our momentous and unanimous choice not to put our light, love and joy on hold.

During the Course:

And so we met upon the Thursday evening to break the ice and get to know each other in intimacy and cosiness around our kitchen table and to enjoy a gorgeous organic meal that I had poured my love into: huge bowls of fresh organic salad oozing life (fresh from the soil from our friends at our local, and beloved Cusgarne Organic Farm) accompanied by the sumptuous delights of a butter nut squash risotto with handfuls of sweet thyme and parmesan, and laced with lashings of butter.

It was a perfect preparation for a big day on Friday, as we eased into the spirit of why we were there and shared our aspirations.

The weather forecast for Friday was dismal, yet, joy of joys, we were greeted by the sun blazing out over Porthtowan and so we started with a gentle and opening meditation under the expansive sky on our rooftop-high sundeck. It felt like we were already sitting in the sky!

The purpose for this first day was to bring up and release our greatest challenges to staying in our light and it was such a joy for me to be able to rapidly assist and give everyone some individual support, for which there was plenty of time as we were a small group.

And so our Course was founded on a series of deep powerful meditations, leading us into more and more Light and Love, accompanied by sharing and integration, as well as being beautifully balanced by the joy of exercise of walking in the surf and light.

A most tender moment for me was on one of our spiritual outings up and down the cliff path, absorbing the light of the sun and its reflections as it was shining off the water like fields of diamonds. I looked around at Elaine's and Martin's windswept faces and they had that beautiful innocence: the look and joy of children bursting with happiness and zest for life; I have never seen them so open!

Furthermore Mary (who was also on our course): I am astounded at you, for despite your dislocated hips, you climbed up the East cliff to the most beautiful view at the top of our Cornish coastline (90m/ 300 foot), and that's s no mean feat even for those who are normally fit!

On Saturday the theme of the day was the Activation of our Light. In the morning I introduced our group to our 'Flying Lessons': raising our energy and frequency to the very tangible feeling of physically flying! We allowed ourselves to dive into the sensation of soaring through the skies on our light and joy, so that we may take that momentum towards incredible freedom in our lives: both an effortless flow and a very strong impression of collapsing of time itself. We allowed ourselves to really feel this as we skipped along the low-tide line at noon.

And even more for the afternoon... another beautiful meditation into the joy of drinking in and breathing in the Light of our world and that great symbol in the sky of the Sun, for energy, rejuvenation (this is how I am getting younger - yes I really am 50 this year!) and for raising our frequency to the level of Ecstasy...

Wow what fun that was! We had an awesome moment when I was singing and a large flock of swallows appeared and began to swoop, surf and sing loudly their twitterings on the harmonics of my soaring melodies and then a very cheeky and rapturous robin began gaily to perform a duet with me, causing me to burst into laughter into the middle of my meditation and song, bring yet more light and feeling the harmony with our world.

So many amazing moments that day to cherish; particularly the awesome experience of walking through the icy cold emerald water and etheric light to wade through fast turning tide, to reach the sun kissed sands and magic rock pools of Chapel Porth, one mile up the coast...

And Mary's rapturous face at finding her enchanted cave and the joy of sharing it with us and so tapping into the magic that that’s so much her nature...

And Elaine, I love your humour and how you saw how acutely you had been depriving yourself of fun, play and light, and now in the warm intimacy and loving energy of our group you found your freedom again...

Sunday came with more wonderful integration on the sundeck. Today was the day for fully releasing and opening and soaring in our Light. And later on when I walked into our lounge I experienced an exquisite energy :there was this delicious silence, bathed in peace and love; everyone looked like they had come home to themselves... They had found their way home into their light !

For indeed they HAD...

Martin, that moment when you experienced the infinite you and it swept through me (and everyone) like a huge tidal wave of love... I really felt the true You and it transformed me...

And Mary - the wild, wacky and magical Mary. Stay wild, stay hungry for chocolate in life, stay forever the wild child, opening up to allow to know the true you and we love what we saw... You remind me of me...

Elaine you were touching and experiencing your angelic Self: so ethereal, so beautiful, so light and radiating Light... breathtaking - I am so honoured to be your guide and friend.

As we summed up and shared, many tears flowed and joy oozed from our being, as we all celebrated our individual greatness, awesomeness and unlimited potential..

After the weekend

And still the effect continues long after...

Even though I was 'running' Living In Light, I was most definitely affected too! I, for one, will never forget this course. It helped me see my gift too: that I am a wayfarer of the Light and it's my passion and my greatest love to help others into their light too. A joy shared is a joy multi-folded and creates ecstatic ripples in our world, thus changing it into more of our 'pure' reflection.

It opened up the most spellbinding, wondrous, magical and intimate relationship with my world, courting even higher degrees of Love, light, explosive creativity than I have ever experienced.

Further, I became privy to the exciting ecstasy and perception of other dimensional areas with acute awareness and openness. I found myself accessing information that has been cloaked under a blanket of fear and deception, but is crucial to our spiritual evolution and advancement. Of all this, I will share more later..

And the effect still deepens: each day I find more and more insights coming to me and being integrated into my physical reality with the effect of my whole life lightening up!

Thank you!

Thank you, thank you magical Mary, magnificent Martin and ethereal Elaine and an special thanks to my partner John; it was great to see the even deeper light in your eyes emerging from your being and your joy and radiance at sharing your Truth with others in a live group setting; I know we have been missing that! And to be the perfect balance and the other side of me, bringing your infinite wisdom and brilliant acuity of delivery and perception of our True Nature and enabling me and helping me with your invaluable support to run our Unique Course, which was so much appreciated by all!

Thank you, thank you everyone for reflecting to me, the light of what I am, and to assist you into choosing to remember and step into your greatness and glorious Light...

I will never forget you and our greatest adventure into Living in our Light.


And let's hear from our friends' thoughts too...

 from Elaine:

Hello Skye,

I am still in complete awe of the whole weekend. It was a magical, transformative, amazing time. As I said on Sunday, I knew the course would be huge for me and so it proved to be.... I felt privileged to be a part of it and to share the space with such special people. I feel such gratitude to you and John that, again, I am welling up as I write this. Profound thanks to you both for everything.

I have so many special memories to cherish.... sitting on the sun terrace, magical walks, enlightening meditations, feeling safe to be me... and the food! So much more than just food, of course, more like nectar to nourish my soul. I felt safe, supported and cared for all the time.

So many things are still clicking into place in my mind; I can't really find the words to express it. Insights keep popping into my mind and I feel I am on the verge of another big one today. Yesterday I was catapulted back into work and did find I had some sad feelings... a bit like "will anything nice ever happen to me again?" sort of thing. [But I dealt with it in the way we had prepared and] I just sat with the feelings until they went, but I have had strong yearnings again today to turn back the clock a few days!

I feel a very strong connection to everyone on the course; it is like when you fall in love with someone and have to be away from them.

Something else that is happening today is that time has really become elastic, just like John described. Time is seeming to expand and contract as required... amazing!

I am opening my eyes to a new way of being. No more depriving myself or, as I like to think of it now, no more blandness!!!

I send you both all my love and gratitude that you are in my life.

Elaine xxx


From Martin:

Hi Skye and John
I had such a great time on the course it was so wonderful and the experiences I had were truly out of this world!
To experience myself and my energy so vividly was something i will never forget and the connection I felt to you in that moment still brings tears to my eyes even as I write this; so to say it had a profound effect on me is an understatement indeed!
The way you write in your blogs makes more sense to me now; that flow of words of energy of such love - it was all there in that moment as I understood more of me and more of you too.
What we shared was just soooo amazing, so I thank you from my deepest love.
I would be delighted to write more about my experiences for you to share with others
I'll keep you posted! Much love

Martin x x


from Mary:

Just to say thank you for making me so welcome on the course. It was really full of such "wow" moments for me. Particular ones being the awesome meals you prepared for us with such lovely vibes, especially the magic risotto and John's magic Kamut flour loaf. I loved sitting in your kitchen full of flowers and bright colours. I also loved the beach walks and discovering the caves and rock pools, loved your insightful meditations and discussions.

And, yes, I am acknowledging my wild, free spirit lots more now!

I love your beautiful coloured clothes so much, have realised how important it is to wear lovely colours. On my journey home last week I bought a gorgeous cerise top at a shop at Liverpool Street station!

Thank you Skye and John

luv Mary x


Elaine at end of weekend:


I felt that this would be big and I have been right: it's been absolutely massive!

It's brought me into the light and I feel it's been an absolute privilege to be here. I thank you. It's been everything I could have hoped for. The power of what you've both done is that you've just taken us how we are and it's just come out of that. That's a real gift to have: to be able to do that

I think having three a bit days has been really nice! Having been on two-day courses I really appreciated the extra day. I've felt like I've been able to go much deeper into everything and totally immerse myself into it. And getting together on the Thursday evening the first for a meal was really good for that ice breaking and settling in.



Mary at end of weekend:

It's really been truly a magical experience, I feel I've been embraced at many levels and everybody in the group has made that magic with me. It's been lovely because I feel like I've been hugged, but I've hugged inside - and I've even been nurtured with the fantastic food.

I have been listened to you and perhaps for the first time, I've been able to share with you bits of the real me, and that means the world to me. You've made that possible, so I thank you. I didn't really have any high or low expectations I just wanted it to be nice and comfortable and get on with everybody, and I actually thought that was quite a high expectation because I can be awkward sometimes, but it's just seriously been truly magical and I thank you for it, you've just made that possible.

It's just been so lovely you've helped me be the real me in front of everybody and that is incredibly rare, so thank you very, very much.



Martin  at end of weekend:

It's just been amazing; I didn't even look through the course in detail I just thought I'm going to have to be there anyway!  As soon as you told me about it I knew I wanted to be here.

It's just been.. oh I don't know... it's hard to describe, I don't even know what's happened! It's been amazing: all the personal things I've gone through and sorted.

It's been like a family atmosphere, very relaxed very laid back, just amazing, and the food was amazing.

Thank you to everybody, it's been absolutely brilliant. You couldn't ask for anything more for what I got out of it. I didn't expect such a transformation: [discovering and experiencing my huge true soul self] wasn't even on my list of things to sort. For that to come up was REALLY big!

The course was too short - it should go on forever! But, two days would certainly have been too short: if something comes up you need the extra time to deal with it too.

I'm getting all teary... a spiritual healer said to me that healing's not important but showing you who you are is, and that's what you've done for me.  Thank you.


Update from Martin:

There are still a lot of things going on with me but I'm moving along, making sense of it all and really eager to create something wonderful in my life especially my 'work' life with this thing I call my 'gift'.

I just decided I'd walk into (it wouldn't come to me so I went to it) There was a little resistance in me, but not much and the energy felt so pure and unthreatening and I realised it was 'me', more of 'me', a newer version of me. It's so easy to be in that state of the new me  because now it's there all the time and it feels so light and that was my gift to myself which was catalysed by coming on the Living In Light course and having 'that' experience (when I felt my true energy for the first time) and so when I'm in that state, which is most of the time now, life is pretty cool!
And yet I know I've only scratched the surface of this!
And so this course was pretty life changing haha and there will be more to come
thanks again, much love
martin x


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Update from Elaine:

Hello Skye,



I just wanted to say what a joy it is to read your account of our course and reading it really plugs me back into that energy!


It is amazing how that happens through your voice or the words that you write. The words you wrote about John are also wonderful…I am always in awe of his talent for explaining the truth in a way that is so clear and accessible; he is able to grasp the most complex issue and extract the pearl of wisdom that lies at its heart. I’m not sure if I said that on the course or not but your words have prompted me to do so now. Thank you both!


I am continuing to assimilate everything that has happened. I am finding that setting time aside each day to “tune in” as you recommended is really valuable. I find that the answers don’t necessarily come during that time but often it causes some sort of shift to happen later on. 


I wanted to share two lovely things that have happened to me. Last night I was sitting in the conservatory in the early evening just gazing into the garden. I was drawn to a beautiful pink rose (called “blessings”) which had opened out fully during the day. As I stared at it I had a real omega shift moment where the energy of the rose came towards me and my heart chakra felt it intensely….it was almost overwhelming. Today we went for a bike ride in the South Downs and at one point this beautiful butterfly (I think it is called a painted lady) flew beside me for about half a mile. It kept matching its speed to mine and seemed to be dancing beside me, full of joy. I felt really privileged to have it with me. Then it flew ahead to Tim and seemed to be leading the way. After a while it disappeared into a field of wild flowers but different butterflies kept keeping us company for a lot of the ride. I read in my book that butterflies often appear at points of transformation and can also bring the message to lighten up!!



I will keep you posted about what happens next!



With lots of love to you both 

Elaine xxx

Living in Light  

for more of John's delicious photos, see



 Thank you for your 
it's SO much appreciated!  


 "One of my truly greatest blessings has been Leela!

I don't know how I would be getting through such a tumultuous, challenging time in my life without her being there for me. I live in the United States but feel so grateful to be able to communicate with Leela on an ongoing basis via Skype and email.

She is the most vibrant, loving, gracious person I have ever known.

Just the sound of her voice is healing!

Her amazing insights and guidance are always just what I need to make a breakthrough in whatever situation I find myself in. She is a gift to anyone who is lucky enough to receive her emotional and spiritual support.

My sessions, interactions and chats with Leela always leave me refreshed, aware, hopeful, and equipped to effectively handle the issues that come up. She has made a major difference in my life and will always be a continuing source of truly spirited guidance for me.

What an angel!"
Francesca, USA