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Living In Light Courses

A new series of immersion weekends held in Cornwall
- the Land of Light, with me, Skye Jamieson (and my partner John!)


I invite you to join me in dancing in the Light, because we will be tapping into the most ecstasy and love that you have ever experienced and, in cue from the illuminated you, see your entire world bedazzle and bejewel you in the Light of your own Beingness.


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 Skye Jamieson Living In Light Course


Psychic Empath of Love LightI'm  Skye and a warm welcome from the depths of my Heart.

It is with much enthusiasm and love for you and our world that I offer and invite you to come and join me and my partner John here in our new home by the Atlantic Ocean in Cornwall for three days of immersion into the Light of your beingness.

We will be diving into the Light of our Soul, our sublime Self, and so thus, by this joyful act, feel, see and experience the Light of our creation radiating out as our world.

Our Living In Light course is infused with the added magic of Spirit Dancing, so that you not only feel, taste and embrace your Light, but also that which lights your fire and passion; we explore and play with ways to share your light in exalted, creative self-expression, both in your life and with others. We are indeed - all of us - highly creative and born to share our joy, together!

Please do come and join in with us for this experience of our Light, because together, we will feel, be and see the Light of our Creation, all in wild open embrace of our beautiful local lightscape and the magical cornucopia of Cornish delights!


Skye and John,

Thank you once again for a most amazing and life-changing experience. This was the third time attending the course and my high expectations were completely exceeded! I felt a very strong pull in October to travel down to Cornwall and work with you again….I think my soul was telling me the time was right to make a huge leap. I chose to experience the course this time on a one-to-one basis and travelled down to Cornwall listening to the weather forecast which was, frankly, dire. However, we created such magic that the sun burst through and shone every day, reflecting the amazing inner transformation I was going through.

You both create the perfect space to discover the truth about life, me and everything! I always feel totally safe, loved and supported; I trust you both completely to guide me on the next part of my journey. I really feel that you offer a profound and unique experience that I can’t find anywhere else. To anyone reading this who feels drawn to go on a Living In Light course, I would say don’t hesitate for a second…you will never regret it.

I am continuing to integrate everything that happened on the course….amazing things are happening and I know it is because I am ready for them now. So thank you, thank you, my words can never explain the sheer joy of working with you. Your voice sings to me every day Skye, I hear it as I go for my walks or do my work. It reminds me of who I truly am and what greater gift can you give to someone else?

PS I hope that’s ok. As usual it is impossible to really put the experience in words! I am completely stunned by the things that are happening to me and how quickly!
What will Living In Light Number four be like?????

Lots of love

Elaine xxx


Living In Light on the beach

Scheduled Courses:

Three full Days
- Friday, Saturday and Sunday,
    plus Thursday evening welcome feast!

 Next Living in Light course:

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Or, instead, there's always:

Living In Light Intensive "One-to-One" 
 Any time! 

- Book a personal Living In Light course with me any time!  ...
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Some Previous Course reports and photos:

and from Sept 2011 with Stanka
(note every course is personalised to YOU and what is appropriate and comfortable!):

1 of 4 - Living In Light on the Beach - fun and frolics with us all (20 mins):

2 of 4 - How to prepare PIZZA with passion and eat with ecstasy! (22 mins):

3 of 4 - a few excerpts from the course itself (12 mins):

4 of 4 - finally, the most heartfelt sharing ever of Stanka sharing her experiences with us (very moving) (24 mins):

And some pics of it all too:























NB If you'd love me to bring Living In Light to your own area, please do let me know!
Click for feedback/photos from some previous Living in Light courses:
May 2009, June 2009, Oct 2009, June 2010 , One-to-One

 Course Detail

Embrace the LightIn Living In Light we will be tapping into our amazing light, reacquainting ourselves with its brilliance and illuminating our lives and our world, from inside out, to shine, to live as the shimmering, blazing light of who and what we truly are.

You will be rediscovering the fullest, brightest light of yourself, the very light of creation itself and experience the world around you as an emanation of your own blazing radiance, and so expand, at last, back into the limelight of your Sacred Self. For, it is from this exalted potency that we can, again, live our greatest and most loving, joyous and expansive dream, now!

In this leading edge, light-energising course, we return to our natural 'Art of Living and Loving'; where we become 'Architects of our Light', fashioning and sculpting our lives to reflect our truest nature and our Soul's desires.

In Living in Light we learn to use our Light and Ecstasy to sustain, nourish, invigorate and rejuvenate ourselves and so enjoy having extraordinary vitality, potency and, in essence, rediscover the natural Art of Living with a profound love for life, your world and yourself.

This will all be catalysed by the intense power of unconditional Love and high vibrational Ecstasy that I will be channeling and attuning you to: revving you up to a higher and higher vibrational frequency of yourself; all at a rate you are comfortable and are able to integrate.

Matrix Revolutions - The Light of Neo's BeingnessIn the process of opening up to your Light you will be challenged to go on what I call "Sacred Quests" to unearth and dissolve the deepest limitations that are currently holding you back from naturally being in your Light.

The ONLY thing that holds us apart from our natural state of love, light and ecstasy is our fears and limitations.


"Skye takes you into the higher energies, no messing!"

"Thank you so much Skye - working with you is not so much like going through a "process", as being offered the chance to step through a doorway to higher vibrations,  opened by your own high energy and loving intent."



Expect Support!

The experience of Living in Light will illuminate those limitations that are keeping you out of your natural Light. When you see the Light, all these 'issues' will rise to the surface to make themselves clearly known, so that they may then be healed and integrated.

Golden WaveI will provide you with all the loving support that you will need through the release of these constrictions. Having been there and 'explored' so many of them myself all already, I can empathise and guide you smoothly through.

And it doesn't have to be so painful anymore. Often, simply by holding you in unconditional love, a single word or note can ease you straight through the transition; just like being lifted out of a deep pit with seemingly unclimbable sides by a passer-by reaching down and offering their hand....

In letting go of your shadow side, you can effortlessly spring out of your pit and find yourself basking in your blazing light again, finding yourself at One with your world, others and the unfolding of your life situation.

This provides a new basis of Love and Light to build upon, to integrate this new frequency, and then to give you the foundation and strength to allow in the next level of limitation that's holding you back. And then to let go of that one too, to raise your frequency yet again to a new level, and so it goes on - forever expanding, deepening and immersing yourself in more expansive blazes of Light.

"Meeting Skye in person was an other-worldly blast of buzzing, bright energy. She’s petite and uniquely beautiful and stands on tiptoe to embrace me. There’s vibrant colour, beauty, strength and truth in and about her. And when she looks at me she really looks at me, sees me.

Meeting John in person was just as I’d imagined, smiles and a warm hug and encouraging words. It was the perfect welcome. He’s all about helping, offering, giving, supporting… and brilliantly explaining the big picture in ways that only he can do.

The day before the course began the three of us went for a little walk down to ‘my beach’ (hehe) and up the west cliff, pulling ourselves up with the help of a rope. This was important for me. I don’t walk up cliffs. I did this time. Without their support, I wouldn’t have. I took it one step at a time, embracing the sheer terror of it and breathing.

And at the top there was that breathtaking view, looking down at the beach, the sea, the sky, my heart pounding, exhilarated! This was somewhat of a premonition of what was to come, as it turns out, for me: Diving into the sheer terror and breathing it in and allowing the forward movement and ending up a different person.

I feel whole now, and open, and at peace."


Come back as often you're called to!

It is because of the very nature of this ongoing process of addressing limitations to become established in ever higher frequencies that Living In Light is not just a one-off event.

Each weekend is both a complete course in its own right that shifts your frequency up to the highest level of Light that you can withstand and integrate back into your life at that time AND is like an energetic booster that you can come back to and take over and over again to continually deepen and absorb the Light in your Life.

So, I offer you an ongoing series of courses of Living In Light, to continually boost you into higher and higher echelons of light, ecstasy and love, and thus, by our glorious reflections, bathing our entire world in Light.

In this way, this is not just a course about being in our Light, it is about 'physicalising' our Light into our everyday, every moment living-in-the-world experience.

Footseps Into Kauai John Jamieson

Each course will uniquely unfold to match and adapt to the specific needs of the both you and whole group; there is no hierarchy of courses here.

And so, you can return for more Living In Light immersions whenever you are excited to leap into the next level of yourself, love and ecstasy and/or as you require specific assistance in integrating your current challenges (complete your current Sacred Quests!) Either way, each course will en-lighten and invigorate you up to the next level of ecstasy to enable you to soar into ever more light and love, and integrate that into your life.


Course Arrangements

Livin In LightLiving In Light will be held in sessions our new home, interspersed with walking, bathing, dancing and drinking in the fantastic, heavenly light of beautiful Cornwall and its exquisite beaches, cliffs and countryside - all accessible right from our doorstep!

We congregate on Thursday evening at 5-6pm for an evening feast together and close Sunday afternoon at 4pm for those that need to travel back (for example, it's 5 hours' drive to London!)

Friday, Saturday and Sunday light lunches/picnics will be provided, Friday evening will be left free for you to quietly integrate the huge energy shifts of the day, and Saturday evening will be another meal together and an early evening finish.

Obviously, refreshments are provided, PLUS you can enjoy our famous 'best-coffee-in-the-world' experience! All food is organic and generally local.

Accommodation will need to be arranged separately, although we can help you find it locally.

Note that international flights to both London and Manchester have connections straight down to Cornwall Newquay Airport - just 30 minutes from us.

Why not combine Living In Light with a holiday in Cornwall? They call it 'God's Country' here for good reason - we can direct you to the most amazing, paradisiacal delights, all within a short drive (or even walk) from Porthtowan. The weather in Cornwall is generally glorious from April onwards (the sea's a bit cold though until the summer!) The surfing is world-class here.

For your accommodation options Click Here.

Bookings (limited availability)

My suggested contribution for each 3-day Living In Light long weekend is a very reasonable £295 to cover the course and £35 for the five yummy organic meals and refreshments - £330 (excluding accommodation).

Note that for my new Personal 1-to-1 Living In Light weekends it will be £550
 (including the meals, excluding accommodation).

Numbers are necessarily limited (due to the space available and the amount of support time needed for everyone); this keeps the course very intimate, but do book quickly to avoid disappointment.

To reserve your place book now by simply paying 50% deposit (or the full amount if you can!) Note, this will be fully refundable if you need to cancel. (Plus, it really helps me to have the balance cleared a few days before the course begins, thanks.)

Click Here to book now!

NB if you really are particularly "financially challenged" and keen to join in anyway, I wouldn't want to turn you away! I suggest you let me know and we can agree something, say, contributing just the 50% deposit of £165 now and simply committing to pay the rest later, if ever you're in a position to do so (the course will likely help you with that!)

Let's not put our Light on hold anymore, because we CAN live it now...
Reserve your place, while there's still a space!

And here's a short video of me saying how the sun comes out when you're in your light - and it DOES!


Click for feedback/photos from some previous Living in Light courses:
May 2009, June 2009, Oct 2009, June 2010, One-to-One

I so look forward to welcoming you to Living In Light at our Cornish, seaside home because it will truly be a life-changing experience for us all. And if you'd like us to come to YOUR part of the world instead, and can help organise a Living in Light course locally, do let me know!

All my Love and Light

Skye Jamieson
PS I absolutely mean it about dancing in the Light and tapping into the most ecstasy and love that you have ever experienced, and seeing your entire world bedazzle and bejewel you in the Light of your own Beingness  

Click Here if you wish to accept my invitation, because you know Living In Light is for you !

Sunburst Living In Light 

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All your data is held in complete confidence.
We NEVER share, rent, lease or sell your information with anyone.
The information provided on this website and in our Guidance should not be used as a substitute for seeking professional care and is not intended to interfere with medical treatment of a licensed medical practitioner. It is given to aid healing in a spiritual and complementary way.


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it's SO much appreciated!  


 "One of my truly greatest blessings has been Leela!

I don't know how I would be getting through such a tumultuous, challenging time in my life without her being there for me. I live in the United States but feel so grateful to be able to communicate with Leela on an ongoing basis via Skype and email.

She is the most vibrant, loving, gracious person I have ever known.

Just the sound of her voice is healing!

Her amazing insights and guidance are always just what I need to make a breakthrough in whatever situation I find myself in. She is a gift to anyone who is lucky enough to receive her emotional and spiritual support.

My sessions, interactions and chats with Leela always leave me refreshed, aware, hopeful, and equipped to effectively handle the issues that come up. She has made a major difference in my life and will always be a continuing source of truly spirited guidance for me.

What an angel!"
Francesca, USA