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Feedback from June Living In Light course 

"Coming to Living In Light all the way from Mexico City was
the best decision of my life!"


Hello dear friend,

My, what a wonderful Living In Light June course we had! I thought that the previous Living in Light course in May was the most phenomenal experience of my life... and yet June's just went to yet another level! ..........

Enjoy seeing John's awesome photos and reading all our varied reports below:


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Skye's Account of Living In Light 

"Living In Light" - interesting point: a week prior to this course I had a moment's concern about the weather holding out for the weekend, for we have enjoyed endless gorgeous days of light and sunshine since May Living in Light, and I thought that if it continued, we might 'run out' of sunshine and light! And my guides said to me (and I could feel them smile): "You don't need to feel that you have to hold back on the good weather, to ensure that you don't run out for June Living in Light, you can have endless days of sun and create rain as needed; you create the weather!!"

And so I allowed that to happen: we extended our beautiful weather throughout the long weekend, and even now (the odd storm aside) it is still with us, stunning blue skies and the light is so intense; I am beginning to turn a lovely shade of chestnut!

I knew this was going to be even more powerful than the last one due to the intensity and degree of purification and integration I personally went through beforehand, particularly around being in my ecstasy and love in relationship with other people. And like last time, some others were also experiencing something very similar in the lead up (from the moment they decided to come!)

In fact, I would say that opening up fully to our relationship with others in unconditional Love appeared to be a main theme of this June Living In Light. I felt a very tangible sense of this course not just about going into our love and light within ourselves and in a nice safe, cosy environment, but helping us make a most definite shift into being in our love and light in connection with others in more challenging environments.

And so on that magical Thursday evening at 6pm when we were first brought together, even those who had travelled far, including Margarita from Mexico City and Johannes from Denmark, we all cosied around our table (I think six is the most we can fit) and dived into the heady delights of my steamy delicious roasted butternut squash risotto, embellished with my love and heaps of sweet thyme. And, of course, accompanied by copious amounts of organic leafy alive salad with jewel like tomatoes, all freshly picked from Cusgarne - our fabulous local organic farm and shop.

There was this tremendous air in our kitchen, all laced with the sensuous delights of the chocolaty aroma brewing from our intensive Origin organic coffee (that John always took such delight in preparing for all), the collective gasps of enjoyment of the truly great food, and of an instant deep family connection and camaraderie between us all, as we gathered with the intent to be fully ourselves, and in relationship to each other too.

As I gazed around at everyone's happy, radiant faces I felt a deep sigh of contentment arise from my own happy soul; it felt so good to simply share such a delicious meal in the company of what had already become - good friends!

I find it difficult to remember all that happened in the fantastical unfolding of our course because it had such an awesome lightening effect on me and I am still integrating the energy (see my blog for in depth description of what has been happening to me!) However, there are many moments I do remember with a smile and rapturous joy:

Friday dawned absolutely dazzling with the promise of the light that was to come within ourselves. I commenced with a gentle opening meditation and attunement inviting the way, leading us gently by the hand to be and live fully ourselves without restriction.

The after-effects appeared to kick start deep honest sharing and communication between us, with Johannes surprising himself in that he had first thought that he would not be able to communicate as well as he would like (being Danish and English not his mother tongue), and yet found to his stupendous surprise that communication was his forte; we all seemed to simply understand so deeply what he shared, as if there were layers and levels of communication going on that we weren't even aware of. In fact, that was true between all of us: so much was said even when so little was spoken, right from this outset! And so I loved the way this first meditation activation energy appeared to set off such unbridled support of each other, and for each other!

The theme flavoured the whole day culminating in our sharing fish and chips and loads of organic salad, sitting together on the golden sands on our beach wrapped in the arms of towering cliffs that sheltered us from the prevailing wind, looking into the heart of the sun, heralding the way for us to merge with our own Sun tomorrow.

Saturday not only brought another dazzling day of more gorgeous sunshine and light but also the start of my most potent meditation to date, to assist with helping us experience fully our greatest limitation to being in our light and love and so pave the way in a cloud of gold, ushering us into our Exaltation Of our Light (this is the Lightning Bolt meditation I share in my blog!)

Margarita was so courageous in that she allowed herself to move through the despair of 'grey': the energy of death and of nothingness, and on into the void and beyond - which was profoundly awesome and a privilege for us all to witness.

And Sunsong! you surprised me most of all. You are like a dark horse concealing the amazing wildness and free sprit that you are, and when you burst into laughter near the end of the meditation I knew you were getting it; you were feeling your lightness of spirit and you saw synchronicity of your brakes that hold you back from free movement, free wheeling in your life, you even heard squeaky brakes in our meditation and it made you laugh and it made us laugh with you, thank you for feeling the humour in our Lives.

And Luna, I am so appreciative that we created together the sacred space and unconditional love and support that helped you make this amazing shift with heart and mind opening to another expanded level of yourself...I am so gloriously happy and bubbling over with Ecstatic excitement that you made this momentous leap into being more of your magnificent beingness, and that we were all able to share in that with you.

I am so proud of you...and I am so proud of all of us.

And Johannes thank you, you began to see the 'eye' of All and the many faceted eyes of our soul contained within it : that we are the One and the many simultaneously existing as One, leading you into the wonder of WOW in your every amazing momentous moment of WOW !

We rounded off the day with a gorgeous feast to celebrate our amazing adventure of our day, with deliciously earthy lentil dahl, spicy onion bhajees, hot and sweet potato shucta, exquisitely crisp cumin and chilli poppadoms, bowlfuls of organic rich verdant salad with fresh spearmint crumbled delicately giving an exalted hit. And to top it all, Cusgarne's sumptious organic courgette and apple chutney laced with exotic spices and sultanas.

Sunday was the Solstice and the day of the summation of our inner Sun Into the Light of ourselves in radiant relationship with each other. This meditation had me bursting out into laughter and giggles with the sheer overwhelm of ecstasy coursing through me, and also still has me humming and vibrating. Even John who doesn't normally get strong visions during mediation; had an intense visual and energy experience of the light that had him truly thinking about the implications. He was lying on his back near my feet and said that it felt like being near a nuclear reactor!

I know and felt we were all being profoundly effected as we found ourselves being lifted and enlightened to a level of light we had never experienced before and I felt and sang of our joy and ecstasy and us all together in a timeless connection with ancient Egypt, Mayan and a Hawaiian connection too, Shamanic in nature, but also celestial and galactic and I feel us weaving our threads of light together to create this beautiful tapestry in our lives and in our world and beyond worlds setting our alignment with our Earth's Evolution!

Sunday was the perfect finale; we went for a walk together in the light and I felt I was like the pied Piper of Hamblin leading the way for the others to walk with me along the rugged cliff path festooned with the yellow Bird's Foot Trefoil, blue cornflowers and the pink and red of rampant heather. Yes! We danced and walked in the Light together as one family, and we were reminded of the Von Trapp family in the Sound Of Music walking through the Alps to the safety of Switzerland and I felt we were walking into the sanctity and light of our home in our Hearts in the sound of our music. And as I allowed myself to sing the song that was bursting to come out of me on our sacred walk together; it caused Sunsong to promptly burst into tears of joy in its evocation of our walk into our Light!

And there was a moment when we all felt a little sad about parting for the level of unconditional love and deep connection was truly like a falling in love with ourselves and each other. And as the day came to its natural ending and we had to say goodbye with tears in our eyes I sensed that we all knew we would meet again and the love and the light was so ignited within us that we could not feel its absence: We are the Light and Love in our World.

I feel such pride and Love for everyone on our course, for everyone, without exception, had courage and allowed themselves to face their greatest darkness and fear, to allow the integration into the greatest light they had ever experienced and create the most amazing experience for themselves; all without the use of drugs: allowing themselves to tap into their natural Ecstasy, as together we soared into our greatest Light.

I am beaming with gratitude and pride and love for each one of us and for those who were tuning in too, for we went to the fire at our heart's centre and found a greater love and light and space for living than we could even imagine.. And it is still here, culminating in living as the highlight of our life in our every day.

It was a beautiful syzygy of unique and separate souls coming into a divine and ecstatic experience of our Oneness and yet the joy of our exquisite diversity was visually and emotionally felt, honoured and respected.

We feel so connected in our love, and our Light, even when we feel our darkness because we know that it is taking us into even more Love and Light of ourselves and with each other and our World..

And I am left the unshakable feeing and knowingness that we are invincible if we stay together in love. And this is only the beginning: we are ascending into higher and higher waves of Ecstasy, Love and Light.

I love you all so utterly and deeply, thank for co-creating this amazing time capsule together: we are becoming the time that we have foreseen.

Thank you all for the most amazing experience of our Lives!

In Unlimited Love and Light,


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John's Account of Living In Light

Living In Light in was truly one of the, if not THE most powerful experience of my life, so as with others, words are failing me!

Immersing into the Living In Light was like stepping into a time capsule and being transported into another dimension with a family of spirit soul-mates: a dream-like unfolding where all our usual boundaries of time and space; you and me; this and that; stranger and life-long friend; later, now and then; cloud, sea, land and sky; radiant light, delicate dark, contrasting colour and pastel patterns; food, coffee and sparkly water; waking, dream, meditation and sleep somehow all both sharpened their texture and edges, and yet at the same time began to merge together as one fractal flowing form. 

I never quite knew where I was, except I knew I wanted to be there and carry this space with me, together with my friends.  And this feeling has been staying with me since then - not only was the whole atmosphere charged with this magical tingling, something BIG happened to me too, and I'm really not too sure what! 

I know the energy was stirring and shifting us all around for the three plus days, but the highlight for me, energetically, was on the Sunday when Skye's meditation soared into and accessed stellar new heights. It felt like being near some nuclear power plant and I found myself drifting in a blissful open space. Suddenly, as the activation meditation had clearly reached its peak, I was complete alert and seeing streams of light radiating out from central point about three quarters of the way up in the centre of my 'mental screen'. Then a large image of an eye appeared around it, made from the light but embossed with a light green hue to give its shape. It was very vivid and quite a surprise because I don't really get strong visuals in meditations! And then my heart kinda jumped because there in the middle of the eye (about the size of the 'iris') appeared a pyramid capstone with its own eye on one of its faces (like on the US dollar bill). All the time surges of energy were rushing through me and I'm transfixed by this capstone thinking that I'd previously associated this as symbol of 'evil control' by 'the powers that be'.  But I could detect no malice or impurity in it at all - quite the opposite, in fact: a gentle, integrative sense was emanating from it, not even 'inviting me into it', but just being there as a presence, with me being there too - that was enough.  That feeling is still with me now, and having been suckered into cult-like energies and systems before, this still feels very pure and supportive; it actually feels very me. 

Indeed, this was the second amazing powerful aspect of Living In Light - the Light we were living in wasn't just a personal 'enlightenment' experience - it was actually more of a shared collective experience where we seemed to be moving forward together and sharing this amazingly intimate sacred space of unconditional love together, all of us, equally: Johannes, Sunsong, Luna, Margarita, Skye and me - amazing, so beautiful, none of us wanted to go home or depart from this wonderful mutual presence at the end. A moment or two of sadness ensued and then we found our wings and flew, and I (and I think the others too) felt free, like the sea gulls we'd been admiring floating on the coastal updrafts all weekend! 

Deep thanks to you all....


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And let's hear from our friends' thoughts too...


 from Margarita:

After the experience of a lifetime, am a totally changed person. I stepped into a vat of unconditional love for 12 days and lapped it up and allowed myself to run with it and cavort and nestle and never want to be away from that feeling again. [Margarita also stayed with us before and after the course!]

Skye and John are the perfect hosts, the most loving people I've ever met (in this lifetime, at least!) and now friends. As I write that I can feel the emotion welling up. Words are sometimes hard to find, I'd so like to be able to transmit to you what it felt like to be embraced in such joy and love and support and acceptance! Ah.

During Skye's Living in Light course I connected at a truly profound level with 3 strangers whom I have come to love. They mirror so much of me, are aspects of me. They glow in their light. And Skye has such a gift that I cannot do it justice. Through her guided meditations I swiftly swooped into my darkest bits on the wings of an eagle and seemingly effortlessly soared to my highest height, travelled like a swirl of diaphanous light to and from the Earth, integrated deadness and unending sorrow and embraced joyful prancing in my light.

So, amazing friend Skye. My stay with you was wondrous and brought me back to life. Thank you from my heart. Thank you for showing me that unconditional love really does exist.

Margarita xxx


Meeting Skye in person was an other-worldly blast of buzzing, bright energy. She's petite and uniquely beautiful and stands on tiptoe to embrace me. There's vibrant colour, beauty, strength and truth in and about her. And when she looks at me she really looks at me, sees me.

Meeting John in person was just as I'd imagined, smiles and a warm hug and encouraging words. It was the perfect welcome. He's all about helping, offering, giving, supporting… and brilliantly explaining the big picture in ways that only he can do.

The day before the course began the three of us went for a little walk down to 'my beach' (hehe) and up the west cliff, pulling ourselves up with the help of a rope. This was important for me. I don't walk up cliffs. I did this time.  Without their support, I wouldn't have. I took it one step at a time, embracing the sheer terror of it and breathing. And at the top there was that breathtaking view, looking down at the beach, the sea, the sky, my heart pounding, exhilarated!

This was somewhat of a premonition of what was to come, as it turns out, for me: Diving into the sheer terror and breathing it in and allowing the forward movement and ending up a different person. I feel whole now, and open, and at peace.

Margarita xxx

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 from Luna:

Living in Light was a truly magical experience for me, in fact I'm struggling to find the words to describe it. Skye, you are a courageous and beautiful soul - thank you for always believing in me even in my darkest moments, for seeing the 'real' me inside, for helping me to recognise my true radiance and dare to shine. John, thank you for your shining intellect and wisdom, for your warm heart and generosity, and of course, for your unstoppable enthusiasm to supply what must be a hot contender for the most sublime coffee in the known universe J J J. Margarita, Johannes and Sonya - thank you for being my heartful companions in this adventure, you have each touched my heart in your own uniquely awesome ways.

During the three days of Living in Light I came up against my shadow, but was compassionately guided through the darkness and on the day of the solstice, was catapulted into more bliss than I have ever experienced before by the shimmering ecstatic tones of Skye's uniquely beautiful voice; weaving intricate, ethereal landscapes of magic and awesome beauty through my body and soul, opening doorways and portals inside my being and spinning me ever deeper into more of my true Self. I saw a phoenix in my mind's eye and felt like that was me: rising from the ashes and heading straight for the heart of the sun. I have never seen such vivid colours swirling in my inner vision before - it was like someone turned on the light switch inside my head and lightning was streaming out from the centre in all directions.  But much more than any light show, I was left with such a beautiful feeling of empowerment and joy. For the first time in what feels like a very long time I felt truly at home with myself, at peace, comfortable in my own skin, with a felt sense of how amazing and utterly miraculously joyful it is to be alive and manifesting in this way, at this time, with these wonderful people in this ever-changing, swirling, dancing miracle of life as it unfolds within me, through me, as me, in the endless NOW. As Johannes simply puts it: WOW!!!

I drove home that evening with the wind in my hair and ecstatic music playing and a feeling of wildness, freedom and the simple joy of just being alive. Since then I am sometimes shining and sometimes in the dark but something has shifted inside me and I know that the bliss I experienced that weekend was but a glimpse of what is to come on this ever-deepening journey into boundless, limitless Love.

In wonder of the Miracle We Are.

Luna xxx

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from Johannes:

Here in wonderful world of WOW, life is beautiful, the ALL in sparkling colours...

First of all I totally LOVE YOU Skye, and John, Margarita, Sonja and Luna...

When you dare the jump in frequency something is bound to happen, the EYE, and my eye are still totally open... my land is the world of WOW, somehow I feel at home here...

If you do not create another opportunity before then I will book again for September, you & John feels like friends, missed for so many dark ages.

My journey back home, was both sad and joyful. Sad to leave you guys, joyful to get back into the dark ages to shine'n'share some light.

I am ready and the time is NOW
The butterflies in my stomach, made the "getting there" a beautiful journey. What I got during my stay, was first of all impeccable good loving service, I was cared for in every aspect of my "being there".

The group was composed of very different energies, aka. people, each and every one fully open to what was going to happen. Then what was going to happen? the path of no path, step by step, guided by each other and our intention of light... beautifully guided by a divine joyful voice, a true magical moment, beyond space and time.

I got my camel through the eye, I fell in love with the ALL, found my world of WOW... ALL beautiful, but I cannot tell how...
I will share my joy, my light and WOW... because now I know how..

I will see, hear and feel you again and again... will never really leave you, because you feel like friends...

If the Universe is willing, the next time is soon... perhaps at September, syncronicity and our co-creation will tell.

You and John, my sister and brother in LIGHT
Have a magical day and a beautiful night

Johannes <3 <3 <3

YES!!! have now booked and paid September for me and a "brother in light".

The lights are sparkling over here... and there is GREAT potential for more Danes to come in LOVE and LIGHT... vikings 2.0 I guess :)

I am another YOU, may we never stop remind each other of our greatness and love...

If there is a limit to LOVE, I would love to jump the fence with YOU..
Love & LIGHT



Now I really get it:
My colourful sister most beautiful sound just hacked the matrix, just got the hang of it,,,,
I hear it, i lick its every colour....
clear as crystal, experiencing every edge freedom of expression...
the beautiful fractal, the taste, the sound....
no rules to its creation, no limits, no sound.....
now i really get it the beauty the sound...
this is WOW this is NOW
no borders no limits just fractals, there is no limit to creation of mind
mind is creation, we explorer the colours, the texture the sound...
you really make me giggle............
did you know that the octopussy is the naked mind...
you create all the colours.......
speak your every mind... this is WOW, this is NOW



You are most welcome to use my every word or sound... my every ripple and expression is just resonance in this marvellous Universe, I just channel my "sound" of the ALL... my words are a gift to YOU.

I entered a different aspect of this reality and only my fingers remained back "here"... it was actually funny to read my words again, recollecting every colour and sound from that other side.
this is the age of LOVE and ABUNDANCE, and YES we rock this world..
TRANSFORMATION is my part in CREaTIoN....
Thank you so much for sparking my Phoenix, its getting easier every day to live in that higher frequency of conscious mind... many new possibilities to explore. This is soooo fun doing :) dissolving fear, see people getting closer to their world of WOW.
My journey through this odd mace of evolution, revolution and wonders is starting to make sense...

See YOU in a very near future, will attend the first possible radioshow..

<3 Johannes

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from Sunsong (Sonya):

I'm still thinking of what I could possible say about the Living In Light experience: this is something else entirely! So this is what it feels like to grow new DNA! No wonder it's difficult to put words to the experience.
Connecting with the fellow members of the course had been sooo, well, unique! Falling/ feeling unconditional love with 3 people never met is certainly new to me, as is being loved unconditionally (well, since babyhood anyway!)
I did hope to have some help in honing my intuition/vision/feeling feeling and it certainly felt like my pineal gland had its 'cobwebs' blown out with light and the awesome vibrations that emit through Skye.
I certainly have for the most part a closer relationship with my 'higher self', whatever that may be, a more instant rapport if that makes sense.


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Skye  , Luna  , Margarita  , Johannes  , Sunsong  , John 

Living In Light June group

Luna, Johannes, Skye, Sunsong, Margarita, John
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 "One of my truly greatest blessings has been Leela!

I don't know how I would be getting through such a tumultuous, challenging time in my life without her being there for me. I live in the United States but feel so grateful to be able to communicate with Leela on an ongoing basis via Skype and email.

She is the most vibrant, loving, gracious person I have ever known.

Just the sound of her voice is healing!

Her amazing insights and guidance are always just what I need to make a breakthrough in whatever situation I find myself in. She is a gift to anyone who is lucky enough to receive her emotional and spiritual support.

My sessions, interactions and chats with Leela always leave me refreshed, aware, hopeful, and equipped to effectively handle the issues that come up. She has made a major difference in my life and will always be a continuing source of truly spirited guidance for me.

What an angel!"
Francesca, USA