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Booking your free Spirit Dancing session

To book your free (no obligation!) introductory 1 hour Spirit Dancing session with me, simply contact me to agree a good time.
(If you missed details of this offer, please click this link to find it again on the home page!)

Where: Most of my sessions are by phone with people from all over the world,
or, if you are in the Cornwall region, an in-person session here in Porthtowan is ideal!

Times: Call me/email me with your preferred time(s). I usually start sessions between 10am and 5pm UK time, including weekends.
(NB for USA, 5pm in UK is 12 noon Eastern and 9am on the West coast)

Phone Calls
(click Contact Me for numbers etc.):

By far the best way to connect is to use Skype on the computer for free, high quality calls that we can record. See the Skype Info page for details on installing, etc.

OR  You can call me on a normal phone /mobile

or I can call you in the UK (on a landline) or to USA (either landline or mobile) for just an extra £3/$5 per hour (and most other countries too for not very much extra!)












All your data is held in complete confidence.
We NEVER share, rent, lease or sell your information with anyone.
The information provided on this website and in our Guidance should not be used as a substitute for seeking professional care and is not intended to interfere with medical treatment of a licensed medical practitioner. It is given to aid healing in a spiritual and complementary way.


 Thank you for your 
it's SO much appreciated!  



"WOW!!!... am Flying HIGH now! Your energy flows off/out of/through the screen sure and strong, and it’s so amazingly and delightfully delicious.." 
Margarita -commenting on my new website:
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My 2nd CD of soul immersion songs "Spearheading the Lightl" now available. Watch 3 songs on YouTube

Leela CD Spearheading the Light


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Booking your Free Introductory Session
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"Let us dance and spin together as I enfold you in the love of our true Self and whisper your truth - spiralling together into a higher echelon of ourselves: our true heavenly realm where we belong, right here in our everyday life" Leela