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Spirit Dancing with My Fairy Self and Living in Fairy Land

What do I mean, when I talk about being my Fairy Self and living in Fairy Land?

Being my ‘Fairy Self’ is the joyous act of allowing the freest, most exuberant, light-filled part of me to shine through and spill over into wherever I am and whatever I am doing in the moment, and so everything gets touched as though kissed by pixies. I call this being my Fairy Self as, for me, it so aptly and truly represents and evokes this most enlivening vision I have of myself; ‘Fairy Self’ is my own magical cue for reminding me of my own true Self - ever-changing, ever-growing and enchanting (of course, you can choose whatever vision works for you - evoking your truest, most vibrant, loving and expanded Self).

Aaah!! This is such joy to be sharing this with you :) And so I find myself living in Fairy Land, inhabited by not just ‘fairies’, but so many other fantastical beings of the otherworldly perception and persuasion too. And as I tap into my imagination and expand my awareness through acting out being and playing my Fairy Self, not only am I aware of their enchanting presence around me, I even have the exquisite and bewitching experience of these amazing beings prancing and dancing right here with me, in my everyday physical life.

Ha-ha, even as I am typing these words, a flash of iridescent blue catches my eye as a blue elemental has just flitted down and landed, glowing gracefully on my keyboard, to say ‘Hello’!

For, part of being a Fairy, to me, means being in touch with, and having and enjoying a loving and playful relationship, with the true Me and my higher-dimensional self, as well as with my elemental, etheric and angelic friends of the fairy realm – my Fairy Self in my Fairy Land.

In turn, I’m bringing that exquisite energy and vibration into my everyday life, thereby adding richness, creative depth and an ecstatic tonal scale to not only my creative expression, but also to whatever is my joy in the moment.


Living in Fairy Land

Exaltations!! ‘Fairy Land’ is not another world – it is my current world extended. We don’t need to go to a different dimension to find this Fairy Land, but to simply expand the availability and visibility of the dimensions of this world. It would be similar to the idea of extending your visual range to include infrared and ultraviolet - they were both already there before, but invisible to us as we are normally only aware of a narrower bandwidth of red to blue. And so it is in our reality: it is teaming with so much richness and life and beauty and form; but it’s all hidden from our normal sight - we’re missing out on such glorious delights, iridescent colours and neon experiences that are all very much alive, vital, real and here, right now!

For me, Fairy Land is my template reality; it’s just as real as our everyday world. It’s not just me escaping off into some imagined fairy world and ‘playing with the fairies’, but it’s me expanding my perception to include: all the elemental beings - nature spirits, tree dryads and flower spirits; fauns and dwarves; elves, sprites, sylphs, nymphs and pixies; as well as all that which is fey or other worldly, such as the angelic beings and other dimensional beings - including the extraterrestrials, such as my beloved Arcturians and Sirians; and even higher dimensional entities that often make their appearance as radiant balls of unconditional love and blazing light.

All these figures are common in the myths, legends and fairy tales of many diverse cultures, and I believe that they are not mere fiction; my own direct experience of them has shown me that they are very much real and that they have an intelligence and heart.

And most of all they have been my friends: they’ve been with me in my deepest dark, as well as my most exalted moments - rejoicing with me in my creative surges and surfings. They are dancing by my side when I walk in the wild places, they tussle and play with my hair in the wind, they imprint themselves in the great amethyst halls of my imagination and spiral out from my being in creative play, whooping and harrumphing as they incite me to create and make great art with gay abandon – often my room, for example, becomes a sea of swirling lights, twinkling like a galaxy of stars, streaming from the heart of my being.

They leave their heavenly handicraft in other places too, such as in graffiti of love etched in the crop circles amidst the swirling. waving fields of golden wheat where I have sung in communion with them from my heart … and when I listen, I hear them speak to me in their tinkling and tones in the air - wind chimes for my soul.

My physical interactions with the extraterrestrials have also turned my world upside down to reveal to me the truer nature of things. But I’ve often really had to embrace my shadow when I’ve met them; in particular, my encounter with the Sirian Blues, appearing to me here on the cliffs one day, was so pure, so rich, so loving and high-vibrational that it provoked so much of my dark side to come rushing to the surface and nearly took me to the brink; but I knew I would rather embrace the wild lushness of lunacy, than settle for the sterile shallowness of so-called ‘sanity’. But I did not break up - I broke free!!! Meeting them changed me forever; for I saw all of myself, and it was so beautiful and profound - and to be any less of me, to be any less love, less light, less free, is like a death to me now.

Unicorn encounter

Only recently, in the midst of one of my daily sojourns, and feeling particularly light and buoyant as I wandered through a freshly shaven crop field running parallel to the rugged North cliffs here in Cornwall, I had a most unexpected encounter - coalescing out of the swirling, spangled mists and diaphanous clouds, and stepping down gently to physically grace my presence on the sandy path right in front of me was … a unicorn! A pair of the most beautiful, celestial blue-violet eyes were staring back at me beneath its flaxen fringe, with its blazing white coat glinting in the sun and the familiar golden cone on its noble forehead heralding its royal and mystical presence. It was as real and tangible as the full blast of the Atlantic wind blowing hard in my face. Gazing into its clear eyes was like looking into the eyes of God - I have never felt such purity of love and innocence. It made me weep with joy, for it struck such a resonant cord in me – for I had tasted Unconditional Love, and I knew in my heart that this was what I had always so Forest_Unicorn_by_Ironshod - click to visit Anne Stokes Deviantart. Also her website is desperately yearned for. The unicorn had showered its Love upon me to a degree way beyond what I had ever experienced before - it touched me to my core ... and it has since become my sacred touch point and the enigmatic emblem of my heart.

For most people, though, these beings only ‘exist’ in some seemingly a parallel or dream reality, or just in books and films. As a result, I believe that the human spirit has suffered a calcification and hardness, a heartache and loss - our hearts having lost the child in us, as well as the beliefs in fairies and magic, and that miracles are a normal everyday event. I feel most of us have spent our lives being cut off from this rich streaming and sparkling resource of our consciousness, which gives us such a rich source of inspiration, inventions and ideas for our greatest potential in creative self-expression in design, art, music, architecture, etc., etc., as well as laying a natural template for how we wish to live our lives.

But my message to you is that Fairy Land is real and alive, and part of our lost consciousness - the secret to our magical selves; being in touch with it buoys us up to incredible lightness of being, freedom and creative self-expression. Fairy Land is our natural way and magic is our natural state; that’s why we love fairy tales - they are helping us key into our lost kingdom and to dance with our lives and each other up to a new exalted realm.

Unicorn Image (c) Anne Stokes - and at Deviant Art

Fairy Self and opening to more wonder

Living in Fairy Land, then, is a state of being, and encourages me to be child-like and open to all possibilities and magic, and to be in an open and connected way with my Fairy Self, my life, and everyone, and ultimately my whole world - my whole Fairy Land; and through this loving communion with ourselves, each other and our planet I feel we can create the World of our Dreams.

For me, being open to the ‘Fairy’ is like a secret gateway back to the magician realm of not only imagination, but truly our underlying template reality – one that is rich and loaded with other-dimensional gateways and secret passages. And by going through these gateways to other realms it opens us up to more, so much more, that can be learnt and absorbed to bring into our expanding everyday world.

So, in Spirit Dancing, I use the terms my Fairy Self and my Fairy Land because they really help me cue into the real me and tune-in to my true world. Since I started being and living as my true Fairy Self, I have not only felt more and more ecstatic, but at the same time, more and more connected to our Earth, because I feel in communion with it, and thus in a perfect relationship to dance and play with my reality - just like being a fairy!


Embracing the fairy 
- dancing and beaming my fairyland into reality – changing my world

For a long time I struggled with life - I felt unsure in relationship to my life; I felt disconnected somehow, until, that is, I allowed myself to step into being the fairy being I know I am, and to honour and live that fey other-worldly aspect as me in my life and in my relationship to others, and to enjoy such an amazing lightness and freedom of being.

And, you know what? I have come to realize that life really is a fairy tale! And that we can all magic up the world of our dreams using the magic wand of our imagination and the power of our passion, as well as our feeling of intimacy with the whole of our creation - like the nature spirits that we naturally are.

This very act of being helps us into a sensitive, sensual and sublime relationship with not only ourselves, but also our entire life and most of all our Earth, the whole of our Earth: we are in communion with her as part of, as an extension of, our own Selves.

And so, we are so connected to her through our heart, for she is our body - the echo of our delight. Actually, there is no need to heal our Earth when we are integrated within ourselves, for we naturally find ourselves in another world, a new world already healed: in the world of our most fantastic Dream - for each and every one of us is our Dream World.

My life really did start getting more and more magical the moment I let go of all the negative voices in my head (most of which I learnt as a child) that said ‘fairy is not real,’ that I was being ‘away with the fairies.’ Little did I know at the time that those accusations of me were actually my deepest truth! But, it was all given such a negative slant that I felt wrong to pursue it; until, eventually, I came to an exhausted stop - having used up all my physical resources in trying to make my life work. There was nowhere else to go except to surrender to my Fairy Self and Fairy Land!

However, since I started embracing the fairy in me and my world, my life really has become more and more fantastic, and so much easier, expansive, thrilling and abundant with synchronicities and the flow of creative expression. My life really is working so much better; but it feels like I am NOT working: I am playing, having fun - I am embracing the fey in me; I am being whole.


My Fairy Book

The most significant way this has happened for me has been through the writing of my own fairy novel for the past four years. I had originally began creating it just for me, as I began to remember and acknowledge that, deep down, I had always felt that Fairy Land was my true and real reality, and that being my Fairy Self was very much part of my core and reason for being here (even though those voices had tried to convince me otherwise!) But I didn’t know how I could be that me and live my life here in this seemingly so unfairy-like world, and how I could be supported in being that version of me.

I can see now, that my book has not only helped me find my way to live my life as my true and natural Fairy Self and thereby create my own healing myth, but, joy of joys, through being and living out the magical tale of my book I am experiencing my world now rapidly changing and Fairy Land becoming more present, and more alive and real right here, right now on my increasingly Fairy Land version of Earth - I even feel now that this is all part our natural evolution!

My book constantly astounds me: it continually draws out of me my own innate genius and creative expression that I didn’t know I was capable of - until I started writing my book - and at the same time, it is helping me live the life I have always wanted and to be my Fairy Self ever more freely, unconditionally, ecstatically and deeply in love with my entire Fairy Land world.

So, in following and acting on my passion, my book has become my guide and my lover, constantly encouraging and enticing me to be more and more of my true Self. This kind of writing is true Spirit Dancing; I love my book so much, that I can’t wait to get out of bed each day to do continue - excited about what more I will discover about myself, as it consumes me and enthrals me!

And most of all, through writing my book as the book ‘I have always wanted to read’, it has helped me magic my world in every aspect into a fairy wonderland and the world of my be-longing. Thus, then, this is an example of Spirit Dancing taken to the next level: allowing myself to be extended, seduced and enthralled, not only into to being more of my true and natural Fairy Self, but also, by extension, into my Fairy Land world through acting and sharing freely that which is begging to be uniquely expressed through me.

Truly: me, my passion and my world have become a match made in heaven!


A match made in heaven and creating the world of your Dreams

Now, my experience is that our dreams, fantasies and fairy tales are all real too - as real as the reality you are experiencing right now; in fact, I would say a more real or truer version of who you really are. We have pushed and ostracised those parts of ourselves into the fringes of our society as mere fancy and escape. Whereas at one time we lived so in tune with the elementals, fairies and other dimensional beings - like unicorns, for instance – and, of course, with all of Nature (and some of us even have memories of this from past or parallel, dream lives in Mu, Lemuria, Atlantis, etc., and through connections to other star systems, like Arcturus, Sirius, the Pleiades and the Andromeda galaxy). We were so connected and in communion with Nature and our entire planet and as our partner, in a loving relationship with it, and from that connection to everything through the centre of our being - our heart - we felt and knew true power, for we were in communion with all of our creation.

So, I’m saying that we are all already familiar with this, at some level of our being, and that the reason we often look to our dreams to escape, or to fairy tales or myths, is because they are in fact part of our lost consciousness, our lost world; and bringing that aspect of ourselves back to Earth and integrating into our life here now, not only adds amazing dimensionality, joy, love and magic to our lives, but it is also creating a beautiful and harmonious, green, verdant and loving planet. I believe that re-membering (as opposed to dismembering!) and rekindling this realm as part of our lost memories and soul is all part and parcel of the creation of the world of our greatest soul desire.



Who do you turn to, when you resonate with these ideas and experiences?

Often we just shut such urgings and aspirations down because there’s no one there to dance with! But, what my fellow Spirit Dancers (‘clients’!) have shared is that they are so delighted to have found someone in me that they can not only talk to and make sense of it all, but also, because I’m already living so much in that space and loving energy, can really be a genuine guide for them to live it, believe in it, express it, etc.

So, if you feel this desire to have some help, encouragement and guidance in rediscovering your most fantastic Self and living that version of you to the hilt - I invite you to step into the magical realm and come and dance with me; and together we can help you be all that you are and make your heaven on Earth

Because (and I get so passionate about this!) it is about bringing Fairy Land back to our Earth plane through living from our Fairy state of light, beingness, magic and creativity, and then being so in love with our creation - just like fairies do.

This is what Spirit Dancing helps you into; through its lessons in light and expansions in love, we turn our preconceptions and prejudices upside down and spin them in the air; we learn to play and have fun as we re-member our innate wisdom, our extraordinary intuition and perception and release our creativity - to truly fly in a high tapping, vibrational flowing, and freedom of expression and love with our reality.

As you start your Spirit Dancing you will naturally bring in more exciting interactions with both your true self and the extended, previously unseen, spirit world around you, thus accelerating, both your immediate ecstasy, as well as your ability to create, live and dance with the world of your highest aspirations - leading you by your heart into ecstasy, which is love in motion.

This is all sped along by inviting and naturally attracting others around you to join you in Spirit Dancing – which you will do automatically as you begin embodying it yourself and expressing it through your joy, in whatever you are drawn to do.

Skye - Spirit Dancing is my story!For in Spirit Dancing, from our true selves, we dance and play with everything around us as our partners in creation, working with the spirits in nature to assist us. And, as we Spirit Dance together, through our exalted state of being, creativity, inspirations and actions, we create our beautiful planet more akin to our dream template, adding such dimensionality and joy to our own lives that we are literally co-creating a new world to live in, one that truly reflects who we really are and the world we truly long for – the world of our be-longing.

In this version of our Earth, there are no environmental issues, wars, or disharmony, for we are so in tune and integral within ourselves, each other and our world - truly a perfectly green planet.

I hope you will Spirit Dance with me in this wide, wild, wonderful and expansive world of the fairy (or whatever you may call it!), so that together we may find your Fairy Self and bring that magic touch to our Earth, to live here now at a higher dimensional frequency in our Fairy Land.

If what I share chimes with your soul – do talk to me and we can book your free introductory session (see this page for options); I shall be so honoured and so excited to hear from you.


In the Spirit of Love

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I don't know how I would be getting through such a tumultuous, challenging time in my life without her being there for me. I live in the United States but feel so grateful to be able to communicate with Leela on an ongoing basis via Skype and email.

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