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I'm dedicating this page to those who would like to share their creative work.

Do you have any inspired creations you'd like to share? Let me know :)

Here's Leonardo's art (David French)
(see Leo's Lines at )

 Crock of Gold



Emissary Wheel v3


Gateway of the ancient Temple of the Sun

Gateway of the ancient Temple of the Sun



Dave's Emissary Wheel v2

Dear Leela, Please find attached a photo of a scaled -  up version of the Emissary Wheel which I did on thick A2 - size paper using a combination of coloured pencils and oil pastels. You will recall I sent you the original Emissary Wheel (below), which is an ancient, sacred geometric design more than a year ago. I think you'll agree that this is far more vibrant and striking than the original. The digital photo most definitely does not do the A2 - size art work justice - it's more vibrant and detailed. A lot of time and work went into creating it. I'd very much welcome some feedback from you. Do you feel that this sort of thing would be saleable ?? Please feel free to share if you wish. Thank you



Dave's Xmas Card Art

Dear Leela, please find attached an A3-sized Xmas card which I recently created for my little bruv, Peter. It's probably the largest card he's ever received ! The digital photo doesn't do the original justice. I'm quite pleased with it.. Please feel free to share it if you wish, and perhaps you can let me know what you think. Whether the art came from my heart I cannot say ! I used expensive artists quality coloured pencils which, unlike the cheapos, do not easily smudge.

I look forward to listening to your 100th show ! Love to you, Leela



Dave's Emissary Wheel

Hi Leela,

Please find attached an ancient geometric symbol called the Emissary Wheel which predates Christianity by thousands of years and which I created, using coloured pencils, many months ago, and which I thought you'd like to see.

The original is a little more vibrant than the digital photo. Please let me know what you think of it. I think the Wheel is symbolic of the Christ Mind.

I want to thank you again for that brilliant answer to my question re psychotic depression. You're worth your weight in gold, Leela.

Hope to hear from you soon. Lots of love to you, my good friend,



 Thank you for your 
it's SO much appreciated!  


 "One of my truly greatest blessings has been Leela!

I don't know how I would be getting through such a tumultuous, challenging time in my life without her being there for me. I live in the United States but feel so grateful to be able to communicate with Leela on an ongoing basis via Skype and email.

She is the most vibrant, loving, gracious person I have ever known.

Just the sound of her voice is healing!

Her amazing insights and guidance are always just what I need to make a breakthrough in whatever situation I find myself in. She is a gift to anyone who is lucky enough to receive her emotional and spiritual support.

My sessions, interactions and chats with Leela always leave me refreshed, aware, hopeful, and equipped to effectively handle the issues that come up. She has made a major difference in my life and will always be a continuing source of truly spirited guidance for me.

What an angel!"
Francesca, USA